Call from Noah – 7/27

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Burn. It. Down. I’m ready for war.

    I won’t be a pawn for your little system. I will not be a toy for your amusement.

    This ends today.



    @nothenrygale welp, let’s hope this doesn’t come back to bite you 😉

    @maddyxxx Bring it, baby!!!

     Sarah Musnicky 

    I am reminded of this quote, “All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.”

    Before throwing around words like ‘war’ perhaps step back and reflect?


    There is a difference between compliance and being open to new experiences. I’m here to be open.

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     Buz Wallick 

    It felt good helping that woman. I saw her eating the lunchables on my way back to the car. Maybe she can trade that porno mag for something else later.

     Brad Ruwe 

    @sfire8 True. I’m absolutely open to new experiences. What I’m not open to is doing things because some slick dressed guy in a suit tells me to. Buying a dirty mag isn’t going to help me with my shame. This was not to help better myself, this was a power play. And @maddyxxx

    You know that whip that was dropped the other night? Guess who’s reaching for it.

     Andrew Kasch 

    There’s a time to flip the finger to the man. This ain’t it.

    Noah wanted you to go outside your comfort zone and experience something real. You denied yourself that.
    How much would we have learned from the OOA if we were completely non-compliant to anything they asked? The Tension Experience would’ve been the “Sit-Alone-In-The-Corner Experience.”

    Don’t be so goddamn rebellious and wrapped up in your pseudo non-conformity that you miss something genuine.

     Buz Wallick 

    Do you know what the end game was though @nothenrygale? It was to help someone else.

    There’s a less fortunate person near you right now that is without a sandwich, water, and a porno mag because you said no.

    Your actions have consequences. That’s on you.

     Winston Smith 

    Way to go, @nothenrygale, total power play. It’s not important that what he asked you to do wasn’t difficult, what’s important is that the decision is yours, and yours alone.

    The lemmings don’t see what the big deal is, they’re just happy to be following their “leader”, and getting a pat on the head for being good little dancing monkeys.

    He leads, they follow, but to where?

     Winston Smith 

    @thebuz So did you help someone because you wanted to, or because Noah told you to? It looks to me more like Noah helped someone, you were just the tool he used to do it. Who gets the credit for driving a nail, the hammer, or the hand that holds it?

     Buz Wallick 

    Only the resistance could turn a good deed into nefarious happenings.

    Want to look strong and attract people to your stance? Then you have to acknowledge the good deed. Otherwise your whole thing comes off as a petty hustle.


    @winstonsmith – Someone was helped. Does it matter if we jerk off Noah or Buz when we lay praise on who did it? Someone did it. Good for them.

    So far we have someone being helped and someone facing a personal fear. This ain’t nearly as nefarious as some of you people seem to think that it is

     Brad Ruwe 

    @kasch I get that. Tension truly was a life altering experience. The thing is here is that a few things went through my head while I was waiting.

    1) Dirty mags aren’t my shame. You’re gonna have to dig deeper to get to my shame Noah.
    2) Fuck The System.
    3) How does buying dirty mags help me at all? For a “self help” guru I fail to see how that has any effect.
    4) Fuck The System.
    5) What @meghanmayhem said on the Slack right before I went in struck a chord. This whole thing, involving strangers in this System BS, it just feels dirty. These people didn’t ask to be involved in this shit. They didn’t consent to it. Sure, dirty mags is “small” on the scale of things that suck to be dragged into, but I was tired of Noah’s meddling in the lives of others.
    6) Fuck The System.
    7) @kipsie is also right with what she said on the Slack. There was a long line at the counter, and my time has value. I don’t buy into his BS enough to waste my time for a magazine I’d just toss anyway.
    8) Did I mention “Fuck The System”?

    @111error You have my number. Call me when you’re able to and have a plan. Let’s do this.


    I’m with BOS all the way, but I don’t see Noah really doing anything wrong at the moment. He’s helping the less fortunate with food and porn and getting people out doing stuff, nothing wrong with that. 👍

    She says as Noah and fam later kill an innocent bystander

     Andrew Kasch 

    I’m working hard to be pro-BOS, but the mentality of some of their members seem to be like the goth kids on South Park.

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