9/1 Call from Mason

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     Lauren Bello 

    Just got a call. Mason had a high, pleasant voice.

    I asked if he could give me a moment to step outside, as I was in a touristy spot and it was rather loud. When I got outside, he immediately asked me if I was recording. I asked if it would be ok if I did, and he said no.

    He said he’d been taking a look at my file and thought I seemed interesting, so he gave me a call. I asked how he’d gotten my file, and he said, “That’s not interesting. Tell me about your day! THAT’S interesting.” So I told him about my day and he was very clearly typing down what I said. At one point he sighed and said “Sorry, I’m boring.” He asked a few questions – how long I’d been planning this trip (I’m in SF), what my plans were for the night. Then he thanked me for talking to him and hung up.

    No creepy comments, and he was utterly polite when he asked how my husband was doing.

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    And now we wait for a Shadow Mason call…

    Glad he was nice to you though @daela

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    Mason had a high, pleasant voice.

    Hmmm… that doesn’t sound (literally) like the Mason we ladies have come to know and be completely creeped out by.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    This man is so inconsistent… he’s had some kind of interaction or link with the OSDM, either by being given your file, or stealing it… either way the question remains: who is he working with? Why was he so interested in your day, enough to write it down?

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    Is there something about @daela to make Mason treat her differently than @coryphella or @erisbonn? Her BOS affiliation?

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    Maybe he has multiple personalities! I don’t think so though, I think he’s just a shifty sociopath.

    Can’t figure out why he’d want to type down how your day was, other than an intimidation technique? But you make it seems as if he was not trying to be intimidating. Perhaps indirectly intimidating.

    I still think basically having a one sided convo (refusing to answer valid questions that come your way) and typing out the answers to how your day was are controlling and creepy gestures, even if his voice sounded pleasant.

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     Hannah Schenck 

    Mason seems to be playing to his audience… he’s creepy to some, perhaps to ruffle their feathers, and now he is charming and polite to @daela… what’s his motive behind this? What is he trying to gain from us and why?

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    Maybe he got wind that the community thought he was creepy and decided to take it down a notch.

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    @larry Why would Mason have EVER thought the creeper act was a good strategy?

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    Yuuuup. That “Mason Silver is a title not a person” theory is looking real real valid right about now.

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    “Are you recording?” I really think we have two Mason’s here. Especially with this new voice description.

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    Anyone out there who can describe FlufferNutter’s voice? Maybe that was the man with Joyce at Russell’s house. It would account for how he got our files.

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    @larry Gender relationships are an unending mystery, my friend!

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    It’s just a good catch-all piece of philosophy from a Coen Bros. movie. What do I know? NOTHING.

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    Assuming Fluffernutter was at @russell‘s home, he’s talked to both Mason and Fluffer.

    Edit: To clarify, I think there’s only one Mason and I don’t think he’s also Fluffer.

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    I don’t know, I’m still thinking it’s one guy. It’s still rather creepy that he’s typing out what she’s been doing with her day, no matter how pleasant he tried to be.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    “Hi, I’m Mason, I play Fluffernutter.”

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    could it be one person with multiple personalities (I think someone already put that idea out there… @cass, maybe?)? Like, he’s his own shadow? One side eats kale, and almonds, and lime flavored yoghurt. The other likes microwaved snacks. Maybe he’s OSDM lackey by day, super-creep by night? Undercover? Hell, I don’t know!!!!

    “Fluff”= lacking substance (like, pop culture)
    “Nutter”= slang for crazy person.


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    How interesting! And…bizarrely neutral and normal.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    Catching up on this. Seems curious that he’s not just collecting the data that’s on us out there, but he’s actively adding to it with asking us about our day.

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    Don’t know about everyone’s relationship status, but there is definitely a thing dudes do where if a girl has a boyfriend, she is another’s guys property. So guys will be respectful to her out of respect for her boyfriend. Versus a single girl who is up for grabs aka seen as an acceptable target for pervs. Just saying, it could be the same Mason…. Especially since he asked about the husband!!

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