8.31 UNCONFIRMED leaked text convo with DLB

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       Bryan Bishop

      So. Earlier this morning I received a pretty random email to my work email address. I never use this email for Lust or other ARG purposes, so it seemed SUS. So did everything else about the email: no subject line, no text in the body, and it was sent from what seemed to be a random email address. (Happy to share privately, but leaving it out of this post for reasons that I’m sure will become obvious.)

      The only thing included in the email was a screenshot of a text exchange with DLB, in which he was talking to someone about nothing seeming random, and that “this” (I’m assuming he means Lust) had become “A lie sandwiched in between these things of truth.”

      I replied to the sender, and received no response. I then reached out to TPTB to vet this. This kind of thing would be easy as hell to fake, and I’m not interested in getting Red Door’d.

      I received no response to that, either. Which, in retrospect, makes sense. Because for whatever reason, TPTB are gone.

      In the interest of erring on the side of Never Silent, I’m including the screenshot below for community discussion. Again: this is NOT confirmed as legit. Please don’t assume it is. Normally I would never share something like this. It feels weirdly unethical to do so… but shit is weird, y’all.

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      Maybe this is the text that led to the call he had with Clint?

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       Kyle Bown

      Interesting… IF it is real, a few obvious things we can take from it.

      1. It wasn’t sent by DLB.
      2. It had to have been taken on the phone of whoever was talking with DLB. (unless it’s faked)

      Seems to me whoever DLB was talking to wanted you/us to see this. If it is Clint, this would likely be from him. I mean, it’s entirely possible it isn’t, but screenshots (unless faked) are taken on the phone where the conversation happened.

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       Brad Ruwe

      It’s curious that he’d say this is a lie sandwiched in between things of truth. What truths would that be? Anoch? OSDM? The Investors?

      We’ve been getting fed theater, but theater that’s surrounded (or sandwiched) by truths. But what exactly is true and what exactly is theater is incredibly blurry and unclear.

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       Hannah Schenck

      My answer to the question “What makes you a failure in life?”

      “I have not found the truth within the lies.”

      This text conversation kind of feels IG and gives me chills, because Noah had called me up to explain what I meant by that at the System Event. He didn’t really give me a chance to go into detail what my answer meant, but the point I think is that they weren’t looking for my answer, but foreshadowing this exact scenario: That there are lies amongst the truth and we are more likely than not going to expose them, have them revealed to us, etc. We may very well be a part of them and not even know.

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       Kyle Bown

      This makes me think of a Picasso quote that I always held true: “Art is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand.”

      The point or goal or ideal of art, is to tell a lie that helps us understand a truth. Whether that truth is an emotion, a viewpoint, a person, whatever.

      This seems to be a perversion of that, the exact opposite. A lie to hide the truth. “This is all a game.” “This is immersive theater.” “This is all part of the plan.” There are all lies meant to hide the truth, not reveal it.

      So what is the truth here?

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      Lust is the lie, what is the truth?

      Mason and the Briarberg Insitute? The rituals at the retreats? The fear of the performers? Anoch?

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      Let’s just say that this is not the only piece of info that leads to the conclusion that DLB’s personal cellphone has been compromised… Hence his call to Buz to not contact him on that number anymore…

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      @blondie Wait – How do we know this isn’t @thebuz talking to DLB? What if this is the text exchange before the call that told Buz not to contact that number again?

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       Bryan Bishop

      I’m posting this here because the only conclusion I can draw is that the events are related.

      A received a phone call that caller ID said was from…. @thebuz. Which is odd, because as far as I know Buz is on a fucking plane right now.

      Picked up. Silence. Some scratchiness. Then a low, pitched-down voice. Disguised… I thought I could almost figure out who it was, but can’t quite place it. The voice said one thing.

      “You are not in control.”


      I can only take that as some sort of confirmation that the above text exchange is legit. I’m also taking it as a sign that I should let this whole fucking email thing drop.

      At least that’s what my elevated heart rate and shaking hands are telling me to do. I am legitimately freaked the fuck out.

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      @bcbishop I’m sorry. You most definitely should not drop it. They’re trying to scare you because you’re getting too close to the truth (whatever that may be). You’re a journalist. Don’t let them bully you into submission. Report the facts. Always. #NeverSilent

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      A disguised voice saying only “You are not in control.”

      This isn’t what someone with an advantage does – they would use that advantage and take action. Calling someone with a fake voice and a vague threat is something a goon trying to keep someone silent does.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      I presume you have pulled the entire header of the Email to try and locate an IP Address?

      “What is truth, but a lie agreed upon?”

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       Hannah Schenck

      @bcbishop I agree with @chrysalis359 and @addisonborn this is a scare tactic. Don’t stop, but let it compel you to keep pursuing. Someone doesn’t like what you did but that may mean we are one step closer to exposing the lies within the truth

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       Nicole Mae

      None of us are in control. Of anything. That’s a truth.

      Also… Could we have a new Gatekeeper type of person on the other end of that line? They all sure seemed to squabble about being in “fucking control” or, you know, fighting for the perception of it.

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      @addisonborn, yea. That’s an angry, afraid action. Not at all someone keeping it cool.

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       Bryan Bishop

      I appreciate the encouragement and “fuck ’em!” sentiment, but let’s recap the last week.

      We’ve had actors we care about lose their shit, the creators we know completely disappear, we’ve learned that we’ve likely been bamboozled by them the entire time, and that somebody we assumed was a character is actually fucking real, and has everybody TERRIFIED.

      If we’re not rattled, losing our shit, and reconsidering all of our previous assumptions, we’re not paying attention.

      This isn’t a game anymore.

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      I’m mainly curious as to why. Why are they leaking all this info? Why are they calling and now essentially trying to threaten/intimidate people? What do they want from us, or from Tension/Lust in general, so badly that they’re willing to try to completely take over every aspect of it from the forums to even the Facebook it seems by the logo change.

      What’s the purpose in all of this? Revenge? Gamejacking? Or are we about to see something even worse and more real down the line than we’ve ever seen before?

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       Bryan Bishop


      I received another call from “Buz.” It was the same message, but delivered with more urgency, and more emphasis — apparently I did not hear them correctly the first time.

      “WE are not in control” was the message.

      Moments later they called back again. I said hello.

      They said something else, but I couldn’t make it out at first, it was so distorted. Then they repeated the word again, and again.

      It was my name.

      It seemed to get more distorted with each subsequent repeat, until the sound of my name was masked by the distortion.

      I think this was Darren and / or Clint reaching out to us. Warning us. I don’t know if the voices were distorted because they were protecting themselves, or it’s an artifact of where they currently are… But they wanted us to know. This is not a game. And they are not running the show.

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       Bryan Bishop

      I am shaking.

      I received a call from my goddamn father’s cellphone. I pick up; no answer, but the same noisy line as before.

      My dad’s been known to buttdial, so I called him back to see what was up. He doesn’t pick up.

      “Dad” calls again. It’s the distorted voice.

      The only way out is through.

      Guys… my folks don’t share their numbers all that widely, and I have never shared it with Tension, LLC or any related parties, as far as I know. What is happening?

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      Admittedly, that is creepy @bcbishop. Guess we’ll just have to move forward with extreme caution as events unfold.

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      The only way out is through.

      the impending darkness?

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       Bryan Bishop

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      The only way out is through.

      Whoever is standing in our way can either step aside and let us pass, or they can get steamrolled by all of us. The choice is theirs.

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