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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @kasch Yes. That makes you a sanctimonious asshole. Don’t throw judgements whilst making no actions of your own. BOS, TeamJoyce, or just individuals, we made actions, while you sit there on the fence applauding and dismissing and making no actions of your own. Do something. Make a choice. Make a difference.


    Do you guys think that the money we were given today and the lunch bags were made from the money we paid for our seminar in a couple of weeks? They mentioned that we all paid different amounts and then gave us all different amounts. I personally felt like there may be a correlation.


    There are a lot of opinions flying around here and I’m shy about posting mine. So I’ll very briefly say, finding myself in Skid Row, I really wasn’t thinking too much about “parties” (BOS vs System, etc). I thought it was nice that we got to feed people and that the System wanted us to give to others, for whatever the reason. People on Skid Row are so destitute that they don’t care about the reasons behind why they get to eat. That’s something we, as privileged people, get the ability to care about and argue back and forth about on these forums. Food, water, shelter, those are the lowest and most needed things on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Way up closer to the top comes things like Philosophy. People who are truly hungry don’t care about where food is coming from or why it is coming, they just need to eat. I personally find it shocking that some people chose not to actually give food that they themselves were given to people who were truly hungry and destitute and actually living on the hot and sun-baked street (to make a point?) 🙁 I actually think it was great that the workshop was in Skid Row. I think it challenged us and confronted us, ethically. Homeless people are largely ignored by society and the System asked us to help them today. Being very new to this, I was impressed. I was happy that we were doing something to give to people who actually are very much struggling on a day to day basis. That being said, my own personal instincts were that I didn’t personally care to periscope my experiences or “hashtag” anything, because it did in my gut feel exploitative, not that I’m pointing fingers at anyone who did, just my own gut feeling. But regardless of where you stand or how you feel or what you think the “point” of all this is, we actually fed people today, and I’m really glad that that is what we were asked to do.


    @brianamatopoeia I don’t think there was a correlation. I was given a $1 bill (the lowest bill handed out today) and purchased the mid-tier ticket.


    I’m incredibly happy with what the BOS crew did today. We made a specific choice to benefit ourselves and also make strangers smile. I felt good about pulling out cash to make a difference in the mood of the people in that bar. We made them smile. Who knows what kind of day they were having, but we brought just a little bit of sunshine. We aren’t judging the others who made different choices. We aren’t telling you that you were wrong or selfish. There’s something shitty happening where we are being made out to be villains for deciding that making a difference can be small. It can be a moment. Sure, buying a drink was one element of that choice, but the other element was an act of kindness, of generosity, where the only goal was a smile. I’m sure that was an element of your choices as well. Or maybe it was an after thought and accidental by product. But either way, I literally don’t know why we are bickering about this. No one is here to best one another. This was not a competition. High five to almost all of you today who created a moment. Let’s go make cool theories and solve some puzzles and play with a little bit of chaos.

     Andrew Kasch 

    Don’t throw judgements whilst making no actions of your own. BOS, TeamJoyce, or just individuals, we made actions, while you sit there on the fence applauding and dismissing and making no actions of your own. Do something. Make a choice. Make a difference.

    So buying and passing out water bottles for the poor was inaction? Got it.

    You guys were in a bar before the event, at a bar DURING the event, and went to a bar after the event. How is that making a difference for anyone other than the livers of a few bar rats? This was your chance to step outside your comfort zone and do something different.

    I say this because this demonstrates exactly why I’ve been hesitant to join BOS this while time.


    Absolutely, @cass, well said. I was very happy with how they structured this. First we were given money and told to affect change how we deemed fit, and in my eyes as long as you didn’t rip it up, pocket it, or spend it solely on yourself, then you did good. I agree with @meghanmayhem that kindness can come in many forms, and we have no way of knowing what additional good will come from those gestures. Then we get the second phase, which left no room for interpretation. We knew who those bags were for. Disregarding the impetus for the giving or how the acts were disseminated on social media, people who needed some kindness got it. That’s everything.


    Can anybody elaborate on what Morgan said? He had two more stops??


    i TOLD you guys we shouldn’t be friends! Shame on us for making some people’s afternoons in a different way than others, and hanging out outside of the event!


    Ugh. Ok. I’m going to pretend like you didn’t just refer to us as bar rats and instead make a proposition to this thread. We were encouraged to make a difference. We will never say that the choices anyone (almost anyone) made today were wrong. We are not attacking anyone and will not attack anyone. In game or out. I’m willing to bet that today cost A LOT of money to put on to encourage us to go be better. To put a focus on other people. And here we are bitching on Slack and insulting each other on the forum. Let’s contribute back to something important. Here’s a link to donate to Planned Parenthood. Let’s do this in the name of The Lust Experience. Let’s thank the @the-creators by doing something wonderful in response.


     Robert Fuller 

    I tore my money up. Seems to be a source of controversy but I stand by it.

    It was nice meeting you Sage, Addison, and everyone else I met.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    This is not a competition. If they want to make it a competition, THEY are the enemy. Whether you chose to buy someone a meal, some water, a meal, a lap dance, a scratcher ticket, a beer, or anything else. We are not competing with one another. We ALL made a difference in a strangers lives today. Fuck the reasons and fuck you who want to put tier levels on worth. Go follow @chelsea‘s link. Continue to make a difference in a strangers life with no competition.

     Andrew Kasch 

    @chelsea To be fair, I was referring to the people you guys were “helping” as bar rats. But that’s beside the point…

    I’m all for unmotivated acts of charity and maybe this community can continue to do stuff like this without the promise of some in game reward.


    It is curious that the directive was to “make an impact” but it is we, the participants, who decided that only things that we view as being impactful are valid. Whether water or beer was dispensed, a kind thing was a kind thing. You can make an impact on the life of a person sitting at a bar just as much as you can a person sitting on the street.

    Measuring your altruism against another’s gets no one anywhere. Both were kind things. Anything done for another succeeded in the task assigned

     Meghan Mayhem 

    @kasch Go fuck yourself

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