7/29 – The System Event

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    Here! Go discuss! (I’m going back to my whiskey.)

     Buz Wallick 

    How’d everyone make an impact today?


    The resistance took Noah’s cash and bought some beer.


    Then we took twice as much of our own money and bought beer for the whole bar. And tipped the bartender very well.



    And then I personally gave my sack lunch to a dude jerking it into another brown bag.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    We’re drinking whiskey so I’ll keep this short. One of you lovelies can expand.

    We were lined up. Asked to hand over to another participant something material that was important to us.

    Then we were all given varying denominations of money and told me had 30min to make a difference.

    BOS banded together. We pooled our money and went to the nearest bar. We bought ourselves each a beer with System money. Tipped the bartender well. Then we took money out of the ATM and used our own money to buy a beer for every single stranger in the bar, and used the rest to again tip the bartender well.

    I was asked what we did with the money. I explained and was told to try harder. I was given another $20.
    I went out side and thought. What matters most to me? Friendship. Material things come and go. Friendship is most important. So I sent the $20 to my friend Morgan. Because the one thing they can’t take from me is my friendships. The thing that will save us all in our darkest times.

    Later we were told we would meet a man outside who would have something for ua that we would know what to do with.
    It was @111error. He had boxes of bagged lunches. Each of us took one and handed them out to the numerous homeless in the area.

    …and now we drink whiskey. Neat.


    You were told to rethink the value and perception of the tools that you have in your life…  

    We gave you these tools and told you to make the greatest impact you could out of them.

    Not for feel goods or get your rocks off jollies but to give you the opportunity to show that you had the ability, that you were the person who could make the most out of what was given and begin to understand that VALUE IS A PERCEPTION.

    Nothing on this earth has a 1 to 1 ratio.

    At the end no matter what your choices where, you were given the opportunity to have roughly the equivalent of the money previously given in a single sack lunch. Why?

    We saw the value that that had for the less fortunate person the other day. Here was your chance to possibly see it for yourself. To learn. We warned you, do not do this to feel good. That is a distraction, do this to learn the perception of value.  

    How you can make the most impact for yourself and for those around you?  How can you be as effective as fucking possible with the tools that YOU have.  That you ALREADY have. Not waiting for tomorrow, not wishing something would change but the TOOLS THAT YOU HAVE IN FRONT OF YOUR FUCKING FACE. Five dollars, a sack lunch, your own legs and your own mind.

    ACTUALIZE your effectiveness!

    Now, some of you after hearing this lesson and this plan threw that lunch in the street believing that was against what I believe…

    Let me clear something up right now, I believe that doing that makes you a fucking worthless piece of shit.  Did you hear me?  A worthless. Fucking. Piece. Of. Shit.   

    You own that, that’s on you but you are dead to me and The System.  Forever.

    Did we do this to publicize off the back of the less fortunate?

    Fuck you.

    We said go make a difference and hash tag it. We asked you to make a difference and hashtag, tweet, or periscope how you were able to make a change.

    Those of you who fed the homeless and showed you were making a difference?  I don’t care if rainbow rockets shot out of their ass after I put in a magic juju bean that made them collectively spell my name across the sky.  

    Make an impact, make a difference, utilize your strengths and tools as effectively as possible.

    Don’t be a fucking cynic and a constant, never ending fucking critic, always unhappy that your supposed expectations of what you think you want weren’t met.  You are the shit of the earth and I’ll spend my dying breath making money off the salt of your tears.  

    Either you learned something or you didn’t to day.  I certainly learned more than I wanted to.  


    Real quick breakdown, got handed some money from Sarah and was told by Andy to do something with it to make a difference with your day. I’m not a fool and if handed free money, I’m gonna take it and do what I want with it. Hence me buying a beer at the bar across the street. Thanks Noah! Take what’s mine, you gave me the money, and I’m doing what I want with it.

    Secondly, we were dismissed after coming back from being handed money. We had 30 minutes for that mission. Then we were told to meet someone outside that we would know what to do. It was Morgan handing out lunches. I don’t believe in free handouts and as much as everyone wants to gush about doing something good, it’s so selfish. I chucked that sack lunch so far. I then went up to Andy and asked him to please pass a message to Noah for me. “Please tell Noah that this is all a crock of shit. It’s totally against what he preaches, it’s “take what’s yours” and not “give away what you got”. Andy asked for my name and that was that.
    Although everyone wanted to do something good hearted and help people, I think I was the only one to say fuck them all and do what you want: indulge.
    And I don’t feel guilty about it at all…


    Something seems amiss here. I love what we did today and am grateful that we were provided the means to do it, but the ethos of not only the System but also @111error‘s Resistance is in question now. I like Noah’s explanation above, but this definitely complicates things. Only a couple of people tried to do it the “classic System” way, and ironically those were all “Resistance” people, and it feels like they were shut down, given the second phase of the afternoon. Speaking of which, how can Morgan, the leader of the new BoS that includes Stacey, Macy, and Jenna, be so quick to attempt a compact with Noah Sinclair to the point where he’s willing to travel somewhere at Noah’s behest without even knowing what he’s doing? Is the Resistance already over? Is Morgan an errand boy for Noah Sinclair? Was this nothing but a PR stunt made to make the System look benevolent and the Resistance petty and selfish? Or is this all clear proof of a continuing fundamental difference between the System and the OSDM as a whole? @meghanmayhem‘s hopes of a Noah independent of Horace’s agenda? I don’t think today was what anyone was expecting, but they’ve got my attention.


    ^^^ cc @kingkill33
    Never mind, phone slow

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    From the perspective of someone who wasn’t there, I can see both good and bad in what went down today. On one hand, we are being reminded that a lot needs to be done to alleviate the suffering of the less fortunate. On the other, as @superstar said in the Slack group, today’s charity was all just a show, meant to promote The System. @nothenrygale posted a very relevant verse, Matthew 6:2-4.

    I have a proposition for everyone who went to the seminar. Perform an act of charity this week, and tell no one. Do good because it’s the right thing to do.


    @maddyxxx Reading through the post you made above, I think the intended lesson of “how to be as effective as possible with what you already have” was good in its intention, and a perfectly valid piece of life advice regardless of what The System might have to offer next. But the way you went about teaching it left a lot of room for alternate interpretations (as you’ve seen) and room for people to miss the point. You could have avoided this by 1) not having people broadcast their acts, and 2) debriefing everyone after the 30 minutes were up to reinforce the intended message. Then again of course, I wasn’t there and can’t pretend to know how it all went down, and second, as we all know, hindsight is 20/20.

     Brad Ruwe 

    OK guys, been thinking a bit more on this. Yes, what happened today does leave a bad taste in my mouth, because I do inherently believe you shouldn’t brag about helping others. I personally believe you should help those in need because they need help, rather than using it as a way to make yourself look good.

    After seeing exactly what The System said to do, it is true that it wasn’t explicitly said to video tape giving these people food and water. When the videos first started going out, I of course was going under the assumption that this was what was asked of everyone. My phone lit up with several Periscopes so it seemed like this was the task.

    @thebuz did bring up a good point in the Slack though. Even though the most obvious option to some would be to help out the homeless in the area, it sounds like that was not the directive. Possible misunderstanding between The System and participants, sure. But hearing exactly what was said by The System, I don’t think this was their goal.

    I’m still not supporting The System, not by a long shot. I still feel personally uneasy about what happened today. But I don’t think the intent of today was to turn homeless people into entertainment. At first it did seem that way to me, not having the full story with what exactly the directive was. It’s sounding like this was more of a misunderstanding between parties.

    And to whomever threw the food in the street, what the hell. Seriously.

     Andrew Kasch 

    As I was going about Noah’s bidding today and passing out water bottles and bagged lunches to the homeless, something struck me… The System/BOS/OSDM didn’t matter. We didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was what was right in front of our faces. This was about confronting something that we hate to see on a daily basis and making an impact.

    Also, I am rather appalled by the actions of BOS/Resistance members today. This was your chance to show that you were more than smug, selfish people who just play into the counter-culture for the hell of it.

    BOS took their cash to a bar and made “bros” with day drinkers. When given another chance and even more money to make a difference, they Venmo the Resistance leader as a bribe? Hell, @nothenrygale took his System refund, and instead of learning something and trying to make a difference on his own, he bought himself booze on Periscope. The only person I saw who did something good was @daela, who took her money to a women’s shelter. Today’s action have put a seriously bad taste in my mouth regarding the Resistance.

    Today was not the day to act “bold” or “different” or to curry favor with anyone. We were in the middle of skid row, surrounded by hundreds of tortured, less fortunate souls. The only right thing to do was the obvious thing: Acts of kindness lift the spirits of the people we look blindly past on our privileged day-to-day existences.

    Oh, and to anyone who says this stunt was exploitive: Need I remind you that you just spent anywhere from $30-$100 on a seminar FOR YOURSELF. Maybe now isn’t the time to start pointing fingers.

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @kasch Our directive was not to “help those less fortunate than us.”
    Our directive was to make a difference.
    We put a smile on the faces of strangers whom we may never see again. We did it on our own terms. We helped ourselves while also helping our fellow man.
    A subtle nod to a stranger can make a world of difference. Helping the less fortunate is very important…and I appauld those who did that. But making a difference isn’t always handing out money and food and water to the homeless. Sometimes whether we realize it or not, just the simple kindness of a stranger can change everything.
    I will not apologize for that.


    Wow, this is all crazy. I just feel like people are upset because they want to control the narrative and get pissed off when things don’t go how they expected they would or characters or groups aren’t acting like how they want them to. Weren’t we told to let go of our expectations today? I honestly enjoyed my time with The System today…and I felt like in just 1.5 hours I made an impact and my time was certainly not wasted. I met three new participants today and that was awesome. I loved talking to the lap dance guys, they were funny and totally game and I think we made their day! If value is perception, then talking to people on the street was of way more value than the ten dollars we gave for the lap dance. Lesson learned.

    Yes, nobody told anybody what to do with the money or the lunches, just to make an impact. I would like to know more about how Morgan and Noah worked things out and how they are going to work together in the future??

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     Andrew Kasch 

    Correct. Our instructions were deliberately vague. We could do whatever the fuck we wanted.

    But it was our actions that determined our characters today. And BOS did not come out looking good IMO.
    Does that make me a sanctimonious asshole? Maybe. Maybe not. I just saw today as a chance to do something greater than “play a game” or “impress the boss.”

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