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     Bryan Bishop 

    I’m heading to the airport momentarily, so I’ll keep this brief.

    I just received a phone call from Noah – it sounded like it could have been a recorded message, I’m not entirely sure. He sounded a little tired. But he basically went on a rant that you would expect Noah to go on: telling me that nobody buys that I’m a nice guy, nobody cares about me, that he’s tired of my rants (I think he may have said tantrums; can’t recall for sure). You get the drill.

    And then he said something interesting: he said that he actually didn’t think that I was “vanilla ice cream.” He thought that I worked hard to convince people of that because I was worried about how rotten I might be inside. He told me he could help me embrace that fact.

    He suggested we meet Wednesday to discuss further, so he could show me what he has to offer.

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    Did you end up buying a ticket to his thingy?

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @coryphella I have not.

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    Nothing would please me more than to see @bcbishop embrace his inner Noah.

    I agree with Sinclair, Bryan is just too damn nice of a dude.

    Let’s get weird.

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    If Noah gets Bryan to go dark!Bryan, I’m coming after Noah.

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    As much as I have always appreciated Noah’s candor, I quite like your rants.

    Not sure about the vanilla ice cream jab though. I’d think we’re more of a…mint chip crew?

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    Remember what happened last time he asked to meet you? I mean, he’s great! Have fun! Nothing could possibly go wrong!

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    @wanda102 Definitely more mint chip.

    The vanilla ice cream reference and being rotten inside does seem to be some kind of reference to this morning’s quote. Though I’d say it doesn’t totally line up. The quote emphasizes that you should let the person you pretend to be, be who you actually are. Noah wants to bring out what’s inside you, which actually lines up with another quote we heard way back at the start of this. Horace said, “This fire burns away not what you are, but what you are not.”

    Noah (and/or the OSDM) still appear to have an interest into who you really are as well, running all the way back to your first encounter with Noah and the prostitute to Joyce bringing her back and talking about the anger inside you. So now I guess, one of the questions is, to what end do they want to bring that side of you out? Or is this all part of their data gathering? They want to push people in different directions to find out if people are who they present themselves as or to see what happens when that exterior is burned away.

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    Interesting points from @kevin.

    The fire, the experience overall perhaps, is designed to burn away the person we claim to be in favor of who we actually are. We’d be in luck to find that those two are one in the same, but can any of us really say we are the person we say we are? I know I’m not, despite my best efforts. Accepting that is an important step.

    According to Socrates, the honorable way for Bryan to live would be to truly be the nice guy he presents himself as. I think Noah’s got a counter for that: is that any way to live interestingly?

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    I was really hoping this would shed some light on Noah/Joyce’s relationship is but it’s still fuzzy to me.

    Wednesday is the day we’re planning on celebrating @buz ‘s return to this world. So hope you kids have fun, and report back to us what creative ways Noah told you you’re beneath him <3

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     Nicole Mae 

    Interesting that you note it sounds like it could have been a recorded call. What gave you that impression?

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     Hannah Schenck 

    @bcbishop I have to wonder what benefits Noah from trying to bring out the rotten insider in all of us. He clearly thinks you are some kind of asset upon exposing that part of you. I have to agree with him, you’re nice but I see an underlying side to you that burns with rage 😉 We saw a glimpse of it the night of @111error‘s reveal of being the head of The Resistance. So again, what is in it for him if and when he helps release this part of you…?

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @maenicole I suspect a recording because it was just one big, long, speech without room for response or knife twisting. The other times I’ve talked to Noah, he’s taken great pleasure in trolling, waiting for a response, and just generally being playful (if obnoxious). There was none of that this time around. I wouldn’t necessarily lay money on it, though.

    @kortneydarling The relationship between The System and The OSDM has been on my mind as well. I’ve often wondered if they were different organizations, both supported by Horace, that were working towards the same goal with different methods. But I found it very interesting that — as @kevin pointed out above — Noah was basically trying work the same angle that the prostitute did after my Joyce meeting. After my Joyce meeting it became pretty apparent that the blackmail encounter was an OSDM operation; in my mind, today’s phone call ups the probability that the entirety of The System is as well.

    As for conflicts with @thebuz’s shindig, I think it’s safe to share that he provided no details about when or where. He only said “Wednesday.”

    @shankfx22 I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I also found what I learned about myself through my reaction to the blackmail encounter enlightening. For me, it’s the promise of The Experiences: enlightenment, and ultimately, self-realization. That’s ultimately what I’m after, even if the results aren’t pretty.

    @wanda102 #MintChip4Lyfe.

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    I think I’m able to provide a little context for this. When Noah called me over the weekend, aside from asking me why I bought a ticket to something I oppose, he asked me to find someone that hates him more than anything, “with all the fires of hell and brimstone,” and convince them to go with me to The System on the 13th.

    From day one, @bcbishop has seen firsthand what Noah can do, and he’s gone on the record with his distaste for him.

    So Bryan accepted the invitation to The System, and I was given a rather pointed freebie code to share with him.

    Bryan sent me a note to share with Noah.. I’ll let him post it here if he’s comfortable with that.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Glad you posted this @addisonborn — didn’t want to reveal this part as it was your story to tell.

    So, yes, via Addison, Noah asked me to buy a ticket to his event with the promo code “BRYANBISHOPISAFUCKINGLOSER.” Hilarious, yes, and a would-be dominance move on Noah’s part — just like all the other humiliating things he asked people to do over the past couple of days. If I buy the ticket, I have to basically accept what he said.

    I didn’t. So I asked Addison if he’d be up for delivering a message instead. He was. It’s as follows:

    Here’s the deal Noah.

    I don’t respect you because you blah blah blah, and you never follow through. Remember chatting earlier this year, when you commented about looking forward to “diving deeper”? You ghosted. Vanished. Didn’t follow up on that, didn’t follow up on your blackmail threat. Didn’t really follow up on anything, other than going loco and breaking into your dad’s office. Which I guess is cool if you’re a junior high kid that’s really mad that daddy grounded you.

    But as I emailed you recently, despite all of that, I’m willing to hear you out. For the good of The Experience and the The OSDM’s EI, I’m willing to hear what you have to say. Maybe you’re just a part-time fuck-up and now I’ll get something out of The System. Who knows; it could happen. I’m a open-minded guy.

    But what I’m not going to do is waste any more time with your Trumpian wannabe subjugation tactics. You want me at your little cult rally? Cool beans. Comp me your highest level ticket with the code BRYANIMSORRYLOVENOAH and I’ll show. Don’t, and I’m happy to skip until it’s time to meet up with somebody that actually has their shit together.

    And for the record – when Addison reached out, I was happy to come along, because it seemed like you were trying to put things right. He did his part, and he did it like a champ. If I don’t come, it’s because you fucked it up. I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling.

    Miranda still says hi,


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    Christ almighty @bcbishop, you’re a legend.

    Though I think you’ve kicked a hornets nest, friend.

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    Noah even uses promo codes as insults. Dude is a fucking legend of trolling.

    Glad you’re coming @bcbishop. I shall save you a seat.

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    Bravo, @bcbishop! Damn!

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     Hannah Schenck 

    So basically The System event will be a round 2 match: Bryan “Fuck your System Bullshit” Bishop in one corner and Noah “Suck My Dick” Sinclair in the other

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     Lawrence Meyers 

    @bcbishop is handling Noah in exactly the right way, which is not to play his game. What Noah is after is teasing out Bryan’s (jungian) Shadow — remember, that’s what some of us think LUST has been about since the beginning.

    A quick reminder:


    We all have a Shadow, and in order to find the Self (Ouroboros), we must acknowledge its existence and what it does — which is challenging because we repress it and want to keep it hidden in our unconscious.

    Frankly, I want to see Bryan’s Shadow. Because I think it would put an axe in someone’s head and we need some blood around here.

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    @larry This harkens back to the Duality of beings thread I posted about.

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    I almost missed this thread! Good stuff though I think you should have accepted Noah’s kind offer @bcbishop. Most people don’t get a vanity comp code.. that’s worth a hell of a lot more than unintentional eye contact.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Just heard from Noah.

    Tomorrow night. 10pm.

    And for reference: No Caller ID, and the voice was not distorted.

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    Try to avoid meeting half-dressed prostitutes in rooms this time around

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     Meghan Mayhem 

    @bcbishop Aw, perfectly timed for you to miss the bar gathering. How thoughtful of him. Not at all calculated.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    @thegilded I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.

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