6/6/17 – Call from Stacey

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    Ermm….can you send someone over to your house right now? Or maybe a couple of someones??
    Actually I have a friend in LA who’s basically a ninja. Let me give her a call…

     Claire Buchignani 

    Crazy… that’s not super sketchy at all… :-/



    “Hi, This is Stacey from iConfidant…I’m just calling to make sure you 100% aren’t at your house so we can send people over to wire tap your life. K thanx byeeee.”

    This. XD

    @daela I know you were doubtful that anyone from iConfidant or their ‘support groups’ might be keeping an eye on you, do you still feel that way even after being asked what time you’ll be home? ‘They’ have proven to live up to their word so far…


    jfc. This SO feels like social engineering. From the sketchy fb live video we know that Stacey isn’t great under pressure, and she was definitely not alone and speaking for herself in that video. Not convinced that that’s not the case here too.

    With this call seemingly continuing the trend, it really feels like there’s another party at play.

    I we’ve been talking a lot about OSDM involvement, but does anyone else feel like this is uncharistically disorganized for them?

    I was either off the grid or not invited when most of the action with Noah and Sarah and the System was going down, but I kind of wonder if they got involved here. What if this is what happens when you make a deal with Noah in exchange for success?

     Lauren Bello 

    @coryphella I am deeply curious about how your friend is Ninja-like and what induced them to become that way.

    I’m at home now and there doesn’t seem to be anything out of place…


    That call doesn’t read like Stacey is actually checking out a technical glitch. She has her (ex boyfriend?) tech person to do that kind of work for her. The CEO shouldn’t be the one making these calls, which means either 1) her tech guys have left/been fired, or 2) she was covering for something else, like others have suggested.

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