6/3 – Call from the Russian


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    Just got a call from a No Caller ID number, well two, I missed the first one. When I picked up the phone, a Russian sounding man said:

    “Yeah, this is him.”
    “I have a lesson for you. Be near your computer tonight. I need to teach you something.”

    So yeah, I’ll be near my computer tonight. Except for between like 8:00-9:15 when I’ll be at The Rise and Fall of Dracula at Fringe tonight.

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    I’m very interested to hear what he has to say! @kevin did it sound like the stick man from registration?

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    This is exciting! I like to learn things…

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     Lukas L 

    Can’t wait to hear. Setting an alarm.

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     Brad Ruwe 

    I’ve got plans at 10, but will be on my computer up until then!

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    Damn Lust. Keeping people in on a Saturday. It’s like they are just assuming we’re chilling in our hotel room marathoning Breaking Bad and thinking of Plato theories for the entire night… or something.

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     Claire Buchignani 


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    @pandace88 I honestly couldn’t tell. The whole thing lasted maybe 15 seconds.

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    @kevin Oh boy! Here’s hoping you can get to your computer quickly when the time comes. Looking forward to hearing how your night unfolds!

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    I actually meant 8:00-9:15 tonight!

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     Bryan Bishop 

    It’s on. Good luck @kevin – looking forward to hearing what you learn!

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    Remember to always look and see the bigger picture.

    Be present.

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     Mustafa Said 

    Is there a periscope link available yet?

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    Man I waited all day for this day lol

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    It seems I missed a No Caller ID call around 7:30. I am doing Fringe Festival stuff until almost 1:30 am in the morning. Good luck to all those getting contacted, hope this evening leads to answers or mystery… or both!!! 🙂

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    I got a call from an unknown number around the same time. Didn’t sound like anything from Lust that we’ve heard before, but just in case (never silent and all)

    It was a whisper that asked if I was Mike. I said yes and then it seemed to start echoing and couldn’t really understand anything else that was said.

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Alright, Dark Arts is about to start so I’m going dark. But to be clear: I am not engaged with any other ARGs at the moment. I am confident the man that called me was The Man With The Stick, and delivered the same message that @kevin received.

    Godspeed everyone.

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    I’m leaving wifi and jumping into the car for a 3 hour ride to the airport where hopefully I’ll have some sort of service again. If not I won’t be back online till I get back to Minneapolis tomorrow. Ahh, the anticipation! Good luck!

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Back online and near a (smartphone) computer.

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    I’m high tailing it back to my computer right now!

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    Ready and waiting.

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    Oh good I was so afraid I’d missed it! Can’t wait to hear @kevin!

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    am excite!

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     Tom Kircher 

    The anticipation is strong…

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    Waiting, and super excited to hear what has to be said!

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     Vox Chaotica 

    I, too, await this mysterious event.

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