6/3 – Call from the Russian


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    I got a call from an unknown number around the same time. Didn’t sound like anything from Lust that we’ve heard before, but just in case (never silent and all)

    It was a whisper that asked if I was Mike. I said yes and then it seemed to start echoing and couldn’t really understand anything else that was said.

     Bryan Bishop 

    Alright, Dark Arts is about to start so I’m going dark. But to be clear: I am not engaged with any other ARGs at the moment. I am confident the man that called me was The Man With The Stick, and delivered the same message that @kevin received.

    Godspeed everyone.


    I’m leaving wifi and jumping into the car for a 3 hour ride to the airport where hopefully I’ll have some sort of service again. If not I won’t be back online till I get back to Minneapolis tomorrow. Ahh, the anticipation! Good luck!

     Bryan Bishop 

    Back online and near a (smartphone) computer.


    I’m high tailing it back to my computer right now!


    Ready and waiting.


    Oh good I was so afraid I’d missed it! Can’t wait to hear @kevin!


    am excite!

     Tom Kircher 

    The anticipation is strong…


    Waiting, and super excited to hear what has to be said!

     Vox Chaotica 

    I, too, await this mysterious event.

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