6.11 iConfidant Event – Leaked Video

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       Bryan Bishop

      At the beginning of yesterday’s event, I was called up on stage, and the man leading the event whispered in my ear. He asked that no matter what he told the group, that I should film the event with my phone, and share that video with them.

      I think it should be shared with the community.

      While we already have the FB Live preserved thanks to @chrysalis359, I’ve upped the video to YouTube to see if there’s anything else we or the general interwebs can glean. As for sides… I don’t know what to think. But after yesterday, at least we’re one step closer to the truth.

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      Yes! @bcbishop this is great!! Much better angle!

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       Brad Ruwe

      Calling us sheep for leaving the system? Sheep’s clothing maybe…

      Stacey, fuck burning it down, let’s make their plans explode into a brilliance never seen before.

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       Twan Intarathuch


      I feel like they think everyone is sheep.

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      Thank you @bcbishop! We’ll have to give it another closer watch now.

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      Great work @bcbishop!

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       Hannah Schenck

      Thank you @bcbishop!!

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       Hannah Schenck

      @kingkill33 I love the moment when you slurped and looked at the camera LOL That moment seemed so loud to me and I was trying so hard not to laugh

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      I’ll just leave this here.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      One of the things that really hit me hardest about the iConfidant event was Sabrina’s explanation for her return. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of cults, having taken courses on cults and ritualistic religion, studied them for fun in my free time, and even battled one in real life. I have had extensive conversations with former and current cult members, and I have personally assisted several people leave one particular cult and find safe spaces after their escape.

      One of the most distinct symptoms is a cult is that they create a bubble for you to live in and they convince you that it’s the only one that matters. They cut you off from the outside world and tell you that it’s scary and dangerous and full of hurtful people and that it’s only safe in the bubble. Much like convicts who have spent decades in prison, sometimes when people finally escape a cult they have trouble adjusting to the world outside. When people leave a cult, they feel like they’ve lost their family, their friends, they have no job, no skills, no home.
      It is not uncommon for people who have left cults to return later not because they believe or approve, but because they don’t feel safe or comfortable in the outside world anymore and they feel like it’s worth it to just deal with what goes on within the bubble as opposed to struggling to re-acclimate to “civilian life”.

      When we last saw Sabrina, she was being forced into a terrifying reality, in tears, and driving away to “freedom”.

      To see her standing there in that screening room, looking out to us, and telling us that after her “escape”, things were different and she couldn’t deal with life outside, with the way her family looked at her, and she returned to the bubble…it felt like a punch in the gut. I’ve heard that story before. I’ve looked into the eyes of people, real honest people, and heard them say the same things.
      To know that you did everything you could to help them, and that in the end the cult still had control over their heart. It hurts.

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      @meghanmayhem, you hit the nail exactly on the head with how I feel about the whole Anoch business coming back. It’s a cult, plain and simple, that preys on those without the support they need to be successful in society. Frankly I can’t understand why some of us are excited for Anoch’s supposed “return,” or buy into the teachings in the first place. This is the furthest thing from a genuine religion there is.

      But Meghan, if any of us can help get Sabrina out, it’s you, given your experience. If I may ask, what are some steps to take when helping someone escape? I want to trust that it’s not too late for Sabrina.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      @izryn The steps to helping someone escape a cult vary person to person, depending on what brought them there in the first place. Generally speaking the most important key is having someone that understands exactly what they’re going through. A good intentioned and helpful person is wonderful, but you can’t truly know what someone is going through unless you’ve been there yourself. In the case of the people I helped in the past, I had long personal talks with them where I had to expose a lot of myself to show them that they could trust me and that I truly was trying to help and not just betray them. It’s like trying to lure a feral dog out from under a car. After that, I connected them with a group of former members who had created a small underground group to assist people trying to leave and offered them places to live, jobs, counseling, etc.

      We need to find someone who understands the lure of “the bubble” that can show them safety.

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      @meghanmayhem your description of the bubble sounds kind of like Utopia. Where does it go wrong? Ulterior motives?

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      @bcbishop Great work!

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       Tom Hite

      View post on imgur.com

      Charles Bushman: Now… On the third day, I washed her. She wasn’t too clean. I got all the right spots. She’s the only one I kept for a certain amount of time, because I got a real short attention span. Now, I can’t say she enjoyed her stay, but that washcloth I put in her mouth and held it there with a big piece of duct tape kept all her complaining to a min… I don’t like people who talk all the time. I like to do all the talking, which is why I think I’m so fond of you, ’cause you’re so easy-going. Although I do sense a little tension in you from time to time. So, you were out in the world, huh? What was it like?
      Karl: It was too big.
      Charles Bushman: Not too big in here, is it?

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       Bryan Bishop

      OMG, I love it. Thank you @theladyj!!!

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