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    Echoing what others have said, @taysavestheday, you’ve got something he wants or needs, not the other way around. He hasn’t really offered anything at this point, but he got you to give up something that had become important to you. A guy like Horace isn’t going to stop, he takes and takes until his current target has been drained dry and then he’ll move on to someone he else considers useful, or in his own words from the book party, “worthy”.

    He already bashed Haunting and called it your “little online need-for-approval blog” and in the same breath turned around and said you should use it to gain his approval. What happens when this moves to something other than relationships? What happens if he asks you to jeopardize the integrity of something you’ve built through a lot of hard work by only allowing Lust related things that he wants on it? He’s going to take and take until you break away from him or run out of things that will help him.

    I think you really nailed the heart of it with this line, @electrichippo:
    I’m not interested in judging your choice. Instead I’m left pondering: What would the rest of us do if Horace called? It could prove a more difficult choice than we might expect.


    Goddammit @taysavestheday! We’re nothing, if not loyal!!!


    The philosophy of people like Horace are ‘this product is only valuable if people are buying it.’if someome buys his pitch, a little pain and some growth can be a placebo affect and antidotal for his system, rather than it actually working. It’s an emotional ponzi scheme. In pain I grew, so I will inflict pain upon you, to grow you. Then if you survive, you will inflict on others to groom them the same way. Sucess is defined by the top of the pyramid, no where else.

    iConfidant is the polar opposite. Together, through community and friendship, we’ll achieve escaping the loneliness of life. At your pace, at your comfort. There is no being pulled by the bit. It’s a casual stroll into finding your best friend. And there is no uniformed defined version of success.

    Maybe it comes down to what us, they players, define as success. Is it writing the play book, being the apex of the pyramid? Or is it compassion, and celebrating the positives of our humanity, and making real connections that are good for real the soul and no where else?


    The people that empathize, that care, that listen, they are just tools to entertain the female species after the strong have passed on our seed.

    Well shit, glad all of you have been so “entertaining” thus far. Any of you girls care to recommend a good waxer for my Seed Depository?

    Fuck off, old man.


    Oh *that* is why I like cats so much. I don’t find empathy all that entertaining.

    Anyone who aligns with this dick gets what he deserves.


    If They keep doing what They’re doing, we will eventually tear each other apart.
    Just my opinion.

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    @wanda102 Forget waxing, I’ll send over one of the many steel-toed boots they sell around here. You all can kick it right back in.

    steel toed boots

    “Be fashionable while fighting sexist old men with too much power”


    @lexthewolf no need to edit to add “just my opinion.” The statement is much stronger without it.

    And yes, that’s the point.


    @coryphella alright. I will edit the “just my opinion” out of it.
    Edit: looks like I can’t.

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    @theladyj Similar topics came up the first time I met Noah. We talked about success, what it means to be powerful, and being held accountable for my own choices, or “managing my bullshit,” as he so gracefully put it. So, I understand the intrigue. Everyone wants to feel more in control. But nothing was ever asked of me, and Noah never had an “…or else” clause at the end of any his advice.

    @taysavestheday, I can’t be as impartial as others on here. You are moving towards aligning yourself with a legit awful, puppy-burning guy. Please, ask yourself what you’re looking to get out of this. Please reconsider.

     Carl Webb 

    @taysavestheday I can understand the temptation to see what’s down the rabbit hole, but my confidant, at least, seems a whole lot more fun to hang around with than Horace. (I’ll still be curious, though, to see what shows up now on Haunting: A Sinclair Subsidiary.)

    Of course, now we know for sure that Horace, at the very least, has access to the iConfidant email. If it turns out that it’s more than that, that they’re all just sock puppets run by him or some minion, won’t I feel stupid for not seeking out such a deal myself…

     Taylor Winters 

    I want to thank everyone for giving me the autonomy to make my own choice and not telling me what to do. That is greatly appreciated.

    I really understand the gravity of the situation–and again, that’s why it was so difficult for me. I think the question we will all be asking ourselves at some point during this is what do we lust after? And the choices that we will have to make will truly test us to see what it is we truly desire.

    However, what will be interesting to you all is that I received an email from Stacey as well. So reveals what we found out from Horace’s call–he definitely had eyes on our correspondences. I’ll paste it below for your reading pleasure.

    Dear Taylor,

    I just heard what happened. I am so so incredibly sorry. There have been a few accounts that were compromised
    last night over the course of about one hour and yours happened to be one of them. I am so embarrassed and so sorry because this is not what I iConfidant stands for. I will remain vigilant in finding out who is responsible for the compromise of these few accounts and I can assure you that this will never happen again. We believed that we had
    completely secured a Trojan horse breach from a few weeks ago but we are still actively looking into whether this is
    part of that compromise to our system. Have you had reports of anyone mimicking you in any digital communications
    during the last two months?

    My sincerest apologies.

     Buz Wallick 

    We believed that we had
    completely secured a Trojan horse breach from a few weeks ago but we are still actively looking into whether this is
    part of that compromise to our system.

    Ah, the maddyxxx.jpg is definitely what the Trojan horse was… at least that’s my assumption.


    Could be the maddyxxx thing. But when speaking about data breaches and system stability it could just be a classic, old fashioned Trojan Horse style virus.

    If they’re talking about the maddyxxx thing, that suggests that their data was compromised because someone pulled some info from it. That means that the breach is essentially secured at this point. However, if it was a Trojan that was used the system may still be compromised. Which means we may be seeing more of this if their IT staff don’t nip this in the bud.

     Lauren Bello 

    Have you had reports of anyone mimicking you in any digital communications during the last two months?

    So, the shadows and the @kasch imposter.

    Those whose shadows appeared on the forum, and Andrew, had enough of their writing and speech online to create doubles. For the rest of us, our correspondence with our confidants will ultimately serve the same purpose.

    This begins to tie into Ramik’s question about our need to share our identities. I imagine some of us will keep sharing our identities with our confidants, new information notwithstanding. Like Nicole, we’re too invested in seeing our own image reflected back to us.

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