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     Taylor Winters 

    Horace, Noah Sinclair’s father, just called me.

    He definitely spoke with authority. He knew how to command a conversation. He introduced himself and preached about the difference between winners and losers. The strong have no need to be held or caressed; the need to be proven worthy is a only a defect in broken little boys who still wish for their mother’s approval and love. I definitely felt the cold logic that Noah had spoken about.

    He then told me he needed something from me. I asked if I should get a pen, but he said not yet. He asked me to give up my duality, to embrace the real true side of myself. The side he was speaking to was my logical side; the scientific engineer in me–the side that knows how the real world works. He was trying to tap into my ambition.

    He told me that no matter how sensitive or kind I think I am, I should know deep down that romance is only a tool of the losers. The people that empathize, that care, that listen, they are just tools to entertain the female species after the strong have passed on our seed. He obviously saw woman as nothing more than a means to an end.

    He then told me I could grab a pen.

    “Consider this a contract with yourself. Whenever you hear anything that involves The Lust Experience, whether it’s Noah Sinclair, my investors, or iConfidant, you don’t write about it in your little online need-for-approval blog without thinking about me. Anything Lust related, I want you to take a long hard look at whether its something I would find interesting. Why? Because if you want to be brought up from the bottom, you listen to the man at the top.

    I won’t let you into my world because I think you have an interesting mind or I appreciate your sense of feng shui. It will be because you’ve proved yourself useful to me. That is how the real world works.”

    And then he hung up.

    A few key points I’ll note. The feng shui and romance comments are comments derived from my talks with my confidant. So it’s clear that Horace has access to the information within those emails. He’s asking me to make a choice. To throw away my confidant and be useful to him–or to be weak and entertain the fancies of my confidant while he does he thinks is needed. Further, it is of interest that he said MY investors, meaning the Lust Experience is being sponsored directly by him. Finally, I watched @electrichippo‘s video of the book release party, and I can say with confidence that Horace was the man who told us to “get the fuck out” that night!

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    Means to an end for passing on your (men’s) seeds! Yuck, gross. This isn’t medieval times?! What a chauvinist prick! The way he talks reminds me of that UC Santa Barbra shooters manifesto against women. Disturbing.

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    Ok, now that’s out my system. Horace sounds delightful. With his views on success (and women), we can see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with Noah. But with one small difference. Noah has a heart. Horace doesn’t and that makes him dangerous. Bear that in mind when picking your side @taysavestheday… Nice guys don’t always finish last.


    Thanks for the thorough write up @taysavestheday! That sounded like a super intense call and it seems you are being faced with some serious choices to make. Excited for u that u got thus call! Definitely interesting to find out the investors belong to him and that he IS the old suit guy from book release! He did sound a lot like the Noah website that night. I am so engaged right now 😃

     Taylor Winters 

    @sfire8, I was totally getting flashes of a Handmaiden’s Tale as he was saying that. He definitely has a very different view of the world than most do.

    @pandace88, seriously! It’s a tough decision–and the call was very intense. His diction was perfectly chosen. I was left shaken for a bit after the call but collected my thoughts quickly to write this out. Thank you! Now to weigh my options!

    @blondie, you always know what’s happening. And thanks, I’ll consider your words when deciding.

     Max Z 

    Whoa whoa whoa, did this guy just call Haunting a “little blog”?


    I disagree with Horace completely. Empathy and emotion are critical for working with others in a mutually constructive way. If he is, by his own definition, “successful,” I would rather stay at the “bottom” where people care for one another and respect each other, than be at the “top” where there is nothing but selfishness and greed.

    @taysavestheday When I have a choice to make, I always ask myself this: what am I going to regret the least?


    @izryn *standing ovation* BRAVO!!!


    Nice! Or not really because Horace is a dick.

    I’ll have more thoughts on this in the morning, but one thing struck me. At registration The Man with the Stick told me I would need both my head and my heart moving forward. That’s a pretty direct contradiction of what Horace just said to @taysavestheday. So where do they stand in relation to each other? Given Horace’s comments about the investors, Stick Man looks like he’s under Horace too. Could be that he’s not, or could be that he’s running his own game. Very curious about Stick Man now.


    Diabolical. Though it makes my head spin a little to hear Noah’s father, presumably a person from the early days of Tension, openly call this The Lust Experience. Are Noah and Sarah aware of the existence of The Lust Experience? Is The System actually as real as the OSDM after all? I feel like the ouroboros must be getting full by now.

    So, @taysavestheday, what do you think he wants specifically? What would an artical about Lust that would interest him look like?


    Whenever you hear anything that involves The Lust Experience, whether it’s Noah Sinclair, my investors, or iConfidant, you don’t write about it in your little online need-for-approval blog without thinking about me.

    I wonder what happens if @taysavestheday uses his stick to poke the bear a tiny bit. You know, just a little… to see how it feels.


    Ok first of all. VERY COOL. Also, @taysavestheday, Horace wouldn’t be reaching out to you unless he really needed something from you. Lots of people talk about Lust in public ways. He wants you for a specific reason. You have some power here, even if he tries to make you feel like you don’t.

    Ok, getting off my soapbox now.

    Also, Michelle seemed to be in cahoots with Horace the last time we saw him. What’s changed between them in the last two months?

     Taylor Winters 

    It’s interesting this is all happening after I speak to @shinobi about being loyal to my confidant–and after my confidant and I really start to build a foundation of trust.

    Lust isn’t trying to break my heart–it’s trying to get me to remove it completely.

     Meghan Mayhem 

    I told you guys Horace was a dick. Fuck that guy. I hope that the parts of Noah that separate him from his paternal origin prevail.
    To have all head or all heart is to deny yourself a true human experience. One must have both.

    Do not let the goons rattle your bones, none of you.

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