12/4 – email from TMC address/Noah on Slack

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    I haven’t seen anyone post about this, and I think it’s kinda interesting, so thought I’d make myself useful for once…

    Those going thru MSE received an email from TMC address, titled “Liars”:

    Beware the propaganda that spews from the mouths of puppets.

    You are receiving this email because our group has recently intercepted receipts showing your confirmation to attend an event promising answers about the OSDM.

    Don’t believe their lies! This organization will never willingly tell you an ounce of truth about their real identity or agenda.

    However, with our guidance we believe we can help you find more answers than they ever bargained for, but first you must come prepared.

    They choose to hide behind their masks and so shall we.

    On the night of your event bring one MASQUERADE MASK of your choice. It may be as elaborate or as simple as you wish but it need not be expensive. Here is just one such example, http://a.co/50KNlBJ.

    We will be in touch.

    “No ropes or chains can keep me from my freedom.”

    As this was being discussed on Slack (the biggest question being “should only those opposed to the OSDM wear a mask?), who should pop up but dearest Noah Sinclair, taking a quick break from watching his fav show… To clear things up, I guess. “No sides” he stated at one point. And also “you have a choice, get the damn mask… or sit in the parking lot” ?

    For me, the mask thing is intriguing. As briefly discussed in the theories thread in Slack today, masks free a person up from their inhibitions through a degree of anonymity, allowing them to be their true selves in a sense – which perfectly aligns with what it appears Noah was trying to do with The System. Also, specifying masquerade masks… These are generally half-face, leaving the mouth free…

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    Oh oh oh! I also want to add:

    The quote at the end of the email comes from Houdini.

    No prison can hold me; no hand or leg irons or steel locks can shackle me. No ropes or chains can keep me from my freedom.

    With Houdini ciphers being a trademark of TMC/@111error, this is both pertinent to @addisonborn’s thread and also a nice and smart touch that made me go squee inside.

    And as if we needed any confirmation of them being united in a cause – this email from TMC, followed by Noah’s Slack support… well, it speaks for itself

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     Bryan Bishop 

    Good catch, @blondie. This also stands out as a really crucial observation:

    And as if we needed any confirmation of them being united in a cause – this email from TMC, followed by Noah’s Slack support… well, it speaks for itself

    Here’s where things get fuzzy for me, though. We have Noah and ostensibly Morgan — both members of the Part Two Crew — working together to give us this information. But they’re delivering guidance on how we are supposed to attend the event (i.e., with a mask). And this isn’t a choice; according to Noah’s comments in Slack, this is mandatory, and if we don’t bring a mask we won’t be let in the door.

    That’s not the direction that somebody trying to subvert an event gives. Those are the kinds of directions that people throwing an event give.

    I only see two ways to read this:

    -This is a System event.

    -This is an OSDM (or other Big Bad) event, and The System is part of said organization.

    Either way, this notion that we are going to wear masks to have the lies of a shadowy organization uncovered strikes me as some straight-up bullshit. Because the people advocating for masks are people involved with the event itself.

    Which has me thinking about lures… In Tension, people wanted to save Addison Barrow. We came back multiple times in order to do so, only to discover she was nothing more than a construct designed to get us in the doors of the warehouse.

    Is OSDM itself the lure this time? And if so, does that not mean we have to discard everything we think we know about the organization (both positive and negative) as flim-flammery and lies?

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    Anybody else think it’s noteworthy that the “example” link leads to a gladiator mask?

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