• Kevin Flint replied to the topic Sinclair Periscope 4/20 in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years ago

    Noah! Noah!

    Focus. Look at me. Can you hear me? Listen:


    Shake it off Noah. Clear your head. I know you’re in there. Let’s build an army.

  • Dear Noah and Sarah: Stop playing defense. Stop reacting. Stop begging for attention. Stop Being Ugly.

  • If they’re dividing us into camps then which camp is kicking ass and taking names. #chargethehill.

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic iConfidant in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years ago

    I am not applying.

    Why? If I had to choose between the two I’d take The System. Not sure if they’re putting us in buckets or not (maybe more to come?) But the last thing I need is more friends. I’d rather kick some ass.

    Now the problem is I haven’t been picked for The System. But spots will open up…

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic iConfidant in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years ago

    “Your new best friend is just a survey away.” Talk about managing expectations. How awesome would that be though…

    Makes one question what a best friend is: One who always props you up? Or one who constantly questions and challenges you? One who keeps you out of jail or one who goes to jail with you?

  • If I’m watching a play and the characters are constantly trading bodies on stage with no indication to the audience that it happened, the play will make no sense to the audience. If it’s “in game” here for Sarah to use Macy’s email address, then the effect is the same, and it could happen anywhere. When does the narrative become fogged by the…[Read more]

  • That’s a lot of maybes. The thing is, when an email from Macy sounds like the voice of Sarah, or as you said Sean, its was “just someone using the same email address,” then how do we keep the characters straight? At what point does the whole thing dissolve into mush? There’s got to be at least some rules.

  • Email from Macy Jones, but no signoff. So the options are:

    -Macy has recovered from her error and grown a pair.
    -Sarah buried Macy in the desert and does a horrible Macy impression.
    -Macy never existed.

  • Got an email back from Macy today and she doesn’t seem too worried to me. In fact, on the contrary she seems quite confident, well in control, on the offense even. In fact, when I read her response it almost reads like the snarky wit of – Sarah.

    “look at the big brains on Kevin. Yawn.”

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic Help me help you in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years ago

    For some reason every time I read the copy my mind replaces the word “medical” with “marital.”

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic Email from Macy (4/10/17) in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years ago

    This email doesn’t seem to move the ball forward at all. More of a “coming soon” type thing. It makes me wonder if my original reaction to the press release was correct: They weren’t ready and needed more time.

  • If Noah contacts me for help I’ll have one question for him: “What’s in it for me?”

  • Contrary to life in the movies, the house always wins. If Sinclair is a tool, you’re best to bet on the house.

  • Here’s what went through my mind in order as I read it:

    1) They’re not ready. They need more time.
    2) Holy shit it takes balls to drag Diabetes into this. Someone’s gonna cry foul
    3) Oh, they are good. Use it as a PSA for diabetes awareness.
    4) Here comes the setup. Time to get us searching for Crazy Noah Sinclair.

    But really? Employing diabetes…[Read more]

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic Probably Nothing in the forum SIGHTINGS 7 years, 1 month ago

    This is one helluva cage they’ve set up. They can sit there motionless for weeks and still collect credit for every blip, edit and glitch that comes across the lives of its cage mates. Now if they could just monetize it somehow…

  • I would recommend that you burn it all, sand off your fingerprints, steal a black helicopter and become a super-villain. It would help if you look good in latex, but that didn’t stop Danny DeVito.

  • Great food, adventure, sleep, exercise, sex, drugs, gambling. These things all fire sweet dopamine right at our brains. Isn’t that what we honestly lust for? The next dopamine hit? What’s your flavor? Getting hooded and thrown into the back of a van in the dead of night in a rough part of town certainly did it for me.

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic Who is Sarah? in the forum RELATIONSHIPS 7 years, 1 month ago

    @john I think you’re onto something with your analysis. (At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself when I find myself waaay off the reservation!)

  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic No Email in the forum SPECULATION 7 years, 1 month ago

    “and he definitely couldn’t wait for anything more than stock photos on his website.”


  • Kevin Flint replied to the topic No Email in the forum SPECULATION 7 years, 1 month ago

    I like to restore old cars and motorcycles. I always say that my very favorite tool in the whole garage is — patience.

    Everybody take a deep breath and be patient. Remember, they have sets to build and fake blood to stockpile. Besides, Noah’s probably busy with some secretary at the moment…

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