• Neil posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    Alright guys, I am getting settled here up in Portland. Although not in my place yet, I am getting back to some sort of routine. I am just catching up on everything! HOW AWESOME! How jealous I am that I cannot be there or be a part of this. So the dead drop, awesome but confusing. @russell be careful! And the deleted post @thebuz, the person who you pissed off should be worried about you. The last time you pissed someone off and they tried to get to you, well you strangled them. So good luck to whoever that guy on the phone was. I miss you all and cannot wait to join you all again somehow someway. I look forward to the day I can participate from Portland. I have also been given some advice since there is no immersive theater here: start my own… I may just do it!

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