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      We’ve had some really interesting talk in Slack this morning about where things stand now, after yesterday’s flurry of information.

      Bryan had made the point that he doesn’t think the System Five was a coincidental group. Noah ending it with “I’m your fucking god” being a sign that he may have already toppled Horace.

      This got me thinking how strategic Noah really might be. Look at him in the System Five video, surrounded by every one any of us have made a connection with, all of them speaking his words from their mouths. He’s in charge, he’s steering the ship.

      And as Bryan later said, he was collecting those who made the biggest impact on the community this year (hi Joyce!) and used them to literally send HIS message. And now, he can collect us.

      I guess we have to wonder how useful we are to him, or how to become moreso.

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       Lauren Bello

      Pasting in relevant portions of Noah’s Haunting interview, which takes on new sinister meaning in light of recent revelations:

      Interviewer: You know people feel this way about you?
      Noah: I know that people are not used to someone saying and doing what they want at all times. That’s not really our problem is it?

      Interviewer: Our?
      Noah: Well you, me and my army.

      Interviewer: Did you just say “army”? I am in your army?
      Noah: People get tied down to semantics but yes, you are now in my so called, “army”, my militia, my sewing circle, I don’t care what you call it but I showed you something, you responded and now I like you a little more than I did two minutes ago because you are of value to me.


      Noah: I think I do a pretty good job of controlling what I want people to know and not know about who I am.

      Interviewer: So there is nothing that would surprise people that believe they know you?
      Noah: I think that some of the closest people to me know me the least.

      Interviewer: I was actually speaking about the public at large but your answer is a bit surprising.
      Noah: Is it? I think an over familiarity is one of the easiest ways for people to miss a changing reality. All too often people live in a space of what they believe people are rather than the reality of what those people actually are.

      Interviewer: Then what would the people closest to you not understand?
      Noah: Exactly how far I am now willing to go to get what I want.

      Interviewer: What is that you want?
      Noah: Ultimately, respect.

      Interviewer: And you’re willing to…
      Noah: Anything up to and including complete and total destruction of the status quo.

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       Unseen Presence

      Looking at his old interviews, I am definitely contemplating that Noah has been manipulating everyone, all along, us and the OSDM and the BOS and his System 5. That there was never a rebellious, petulant kid–but only an act of such, no different than the theatre of the MSE.

      I think literally -everyone- got played by a man coming into his prime. And the best part? He flat out told everyone–including us–that he was going to do so.

      The most telling thing to me is that if Sabrina was pregnant before the MSE, then that entire event–including Noah’s comments and attitudes therein–are equally suspect.

      So what now?

      The intercepted notes give good advice to anyone, us or them. Be careful who you pledge allegiance or even sympathy to–except yourself. (Although I have to say, if Noah’s that competent, I see little reason personally not to join with his plans. That level of competency is very appealing to me.) I think this is a time for everyone to take a deep breath and really DECIDE their place and action and course. As an individual. With eyes as open as possible, recognizing that we never see everything and every action we take is with opaque knowledge at best. Here or anywhere in life.

      What IS interesting to me, however, remains this: The true identity behind who led us to those notes.

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