the implementation of AI on humans

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       kody s Batchelor

      This may be a long shot but I’ve come up with my first hypothesis.

      What if the information ODSM collected and the conversations you’ve all had with your iconfidant matches are being used to create entirely new artificially intelligent personalities that are then being implemented into actual humans. We know that some of the people that were spoken to ended up being real life folks and not just chat bots. What if the people that came from iconfidant are people who were wiped of their previous personalities and were implemented with new ones. Im sort of new to all of this, I didn’t do tension but I’ve heard of “the helmet”. Maybe they’re utilizing that tech to make new people.

      This may be totally be goofy but let me know what you think.

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      This is essentially the ongoing theory put into more concise terms.

      I’m still hesitant to fully embrace the AI theory, however they keep hinting at it and pushing towards that exact path.

      Solid work @waytogokody

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      @waytogokody – I’m also remembering that at the registration, didn’t someone mention that they heard someone say something about how “they” should just “implant it in [our?] brains” and be done with it, or something to that effect?

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       kody s Batchelor

      @coryphella do you have the specific instance when this was said? Did someone post it on the forums?

      @thebuz thanks man! Doing my best!

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      I don’t have the specific instance – it would be back in the thread where people were recounting their experiences from that day.

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       Maxwell R

      I definitely like the idea of our personalities being harvested to be implanted into the brains of “new people”
      Sarah did do a body scan of @taysavestheday and we are still waiting to see what comes of that.
      I still buy that they could be using all information available to create doubles or alternate versions of ourselves.

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      It was Russell’s account – he said “If she was in charge she would simply plant microchips in all of our heads and just scramble our brains and be done with it – better than this whole charade.”

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