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      Communication is an interesting thing.

      We use it to convey thoughts and ideas to others–to express our feelings, our desires, and our needs. But as the rest of the world knows today, communication can also be used to lie, manipulate, and destroy other people. There are words now like, “Fake News” and “don’t accept the new ‘normal’.” We begin to wonder if truth is something real, or if it’s just a fabrication of corporations and the rich. Because, after all, money is truth. If you have enough of it, you can alter the world of communications to suit the narrative and agenda you wish the world to see. There will, of course, always be naysayers, do-gooders, and anarchists, …but we have the appropriate arguments to sway people away from them.

      Words have become malleable, and definitions of words are being changed. We have created a mass hallucination, and ….

      When you can change a mind about its own sense of self and self-worth, when you can recreate events to suit your ideal of them, when you can alter facts by changing what a fact means, and when you can discredit authority and experts by creating your own to discount theirs, …you have created a game played by only a few while the rest are left to grope blindly in the cave–and lead others just as blindly.

      And if you are that blind cave dweller, …does it matter if you actually find your way out of the cave, or that you believe you have? And if you’re watching the blind people in the cave, …can you not easily direct their beliefs?

      There are those who say at this point that it doesn’t matter–the cave, the sides, the beliefs; nothing really matters. And then there are those who will fight–fight for the truth, for their beliefs, for their own sense of self. They will fight for a sense of control. They will create fictions to establish their views, and they will seek to be convincing. And their communications will be carefully considered.

      But what outcome are they really seeking? And do they really see the whole picture?

      There are glimpses of a truth, here and there, signs and symbols–transformation, transmutation, birth….and death. There are gods and rules and performances–temples to the word: Experience. But to truly understand? That would require communicating with those who create the world we see–and even then, …even then, there will be truths unknown–understanding left unexplored because of….

      Did anyone notice that Jeff Bezos is creating a clock that’s meant to last for 10,000 years?

      I find it funny that he is a clock maker.

      I find it amusing that Morgan shut himself behind what sounded like a gate last night in his video.

      Does that make him a gate keeper?

      I suppose I am still fighting for some semblance of the truth, letting my subconscious trace pathways through the words and images I’m given. I know it’s all just an illusion, but maybe seeing what’s on the other side, even for a moment, will make all of “this” worthwhile. And maybe there is a truth beyond that which the money makes. Maybe there is something real and tangible and knowable in knowing that these are all just fabrications–in making a choice to follow a path driven not by what I am given, but by what those gifts, in aggregate, create. I wish to believe there is a bigger picture, and so my subconscious will seek to create it.

      Left, right, banning, unrestricted–these are all just fictions–pieces created to keep the questioning at bay. If we take a stance, we can say that we are “for” something. Or “against” something. And yet, we say actions speak louder than words.

      But when the act of action can be simulated–if the action we believe to have occurred is nothing more than farce and theater, an illusion created to keep us from looking too closely, created to make us “pick a side”–if we choose to fight against that controlled outcome, if we see a larger picture and deny the narrative being created for us, …then, by necessity, those who have made choices must offer ridicule. They must–not justify–but seek to manipulate those who do not follow the designed paths–to seek to regain control of the outcome.

      And so…here we are.

      BoS–OSDM–I want to be a part of the narrative; who doesn’t?

      But why does that have to be the only narrative?

      I can’t expect engagement from either of them because I cannot -believe- in either of them. Their vision of the cave doesn’t lead me beyond the cave. Not really. It just keeps me engaged in the idea of the cave–the narrative. Meanwhile, I’m feeling along the edges, searching for the warmth of actual sunlight, or perhaps the cool breeze of night, or a storm–letting my subconscious try to piece together the bigger picture based on my own experiences.

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       Unseen Presence

      I feel you here.

      I’m TeamOSDM because, right now, that is the path that I believe will most likely lead beyond your ‘cave’.

      For me, that possibility is stronger than any distaste I may have for their ‘actions’ (which, again, I can’t wholly validate for myself.)

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