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      A System email just went out from Noah. It reads as the following:

      By now you should have seen your collegues sharing a small sampling of the lessons that The System can impart.

      If you have NOT then you are more than likely too lazy, uncommitted or too stupid to understand anyways.

      Now, for the committed, for those who are ready to become the best that they can be I need you to go on your facebook profile in the next 24 hours and tell the world one, just one tiny thing, that you hope to fix about yourself at our seminar. Don’t set that bullshit to “friends” or “private” either, that’s the candy-ass way to duck out of declaring who you are and what you hope to accomplish. Hashtag with pride. #TheSystemSaves

      Due to the overwhelming demand we have moved venues and can now accomidate more of you sad sacks.

      Tell your friends, your parents, your co-workers and your baby mamas and daddies that it’s time to Work The System.



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       Lawrence Meyers

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       Brad Ruwe

      Ugh @Larry did you have to use the film version?

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      Let the confusion of the not-involved, commmense!

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       Lawrence Meyers

      @northerngayle I think you mean, “I WISH you hadn’t used the film version”

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       Robert Fuller

      I don’t have a Facebook profile. Sorry, Noah, can’t help you.

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       Brad Ruwe

      @larry go to your room and think about what you just did.

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      wakes up
      checks Facebook feed

      Well that’s neat.
      Not having received either email (obviously, as I’m not a member of either, by choice) I feel like I’m stuck in some parallel universe Lust! the UK version.

      Larry there are lyrics in that show about taking what’s yours and you posted the intro??? Also, the MOVIE VERSION??

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      I didn’t get emails, did it anyway 😉

      cos honestly, this is helping me in very strange & unexpected ways.

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      Yeah no. I didn’t do it. I didn’t think to do it. I didn’t sign up for the system and have never received an email from Noah/the Sinclairs after the one lecturing me for defending Tom.

      I’ve been having SEVERELY mixed feelings about a lot of what’s going on with Noah and these tasks and the System, and seeing my Facebook feed today was honestly a little disturbing. Almost…cult-like. Without the email that gave it context (I figured there was an email to give it context) it was kind of frightening. It looked like a bunch of people who didn’t think for themselves. I’ve been watching us push this fuzzy line that separates what’s acceptable and what’s not further and further away from center and wondering whether we will watch all morals get chipped away, as someone put it, or will there be a limit? And since this isn’t my first rodeo…I think I know the answer to that question.

      I’m a very literal person and don’t really understand The System at this point. Noah seems to swing back and forth from one extreme to another, from making a difference to “steal a plant!” and I’m glad that y’all get it, but I don’t. Until I can understand this better I’m not buying in, and definitely not doing something just because everyone else is. I’m not writing it or Noah off but I’m not going to give it a chance by blindly signing up and doing what he says. My life isn’t enough of a mess for that. That all being said, there is something about this that frightens me, and I’m trying pretty hard to ignore it.

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      There once was a man named Sinclair,
      Who brought chaos with him everywhere.
      He played tricks, and made foes, but what none of us knows,
      Is what each stands to learn from his dares.

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