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       TC Mortem

      I don’t want to share too much of what went on in those rooms…

      However, I had an interaction in a rest room where I was told to collect a page from the book. They’d be laying around. Give it to the man he would translate Find a candle in the red room. Two or three others may have the candle. We need that to complete the seal.

      I ended up getting a page from the Rico room.

      No one found the candle. I didn’t know what to do other than upload it here.

      Book pages from lust MSE

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      Team “find the candle” here too! I wasn’t given the instruction to bring the pages to be translated, and she didn’t mention that other people may have the candle, but other than that I got the same instructions. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to follow through with either of them, I was shut down whenever I asked about it. I’m wondering if the red room from Tension/other events may make an appearance soon, and that’s where we’ll find the candle?

      Either way, glad you were able to grab some pages. At least we’re halfway there!

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      There were more pages smuggled out of MSE. Luckily one of these was in Latin (which I can translate) while the other, like these, was in German (which I can’t). @meghanmayhem – do we have permission to share those pages here? I know the discussion happened over in Slack, mostly between @coryphella and myself, but it might be worth sharing on here because damn, it was pretty fascinating… in my nerdy opinion ?

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      @tc-mortem, @rosie!! I’m team red candle too! This really excites me and seems extremely important for stopping the OSDM. How can we get this translated and yes, figure out a way to find that candle the next time around?? And was this the “specific” page you were asked to find? Or was it “just find a page”?

      In the mean time, I’ll try to find someone German to translate, unfortunately the person I know is the mother of my young student and I’m worried she’ll think I’m a weirdo!

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      I looked quickly and saw “…lie in Meadow.” But that was very quickly and I’m working. If I can de-rust my German I’ll certainly try it for real.

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      Damn, I went back and looked – got confused by the font. What I thought was meadow is more like “mat” and it’s roughly “…mats are spread out so that…” something. I was reading the last few words on the page without the distracting hand job pic. So forget that and probably this too. Will only post again when I’m sure. 🙂

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      So the German is in old German, which makes it a little more difficult to translate. Seems to be a monologue of sorts from Abraham to his beloved brother, who may or may not be dead. He’s talking about carrying this burden and then talks (potentially) about a girl named Mariz. I’m going to look into it deeper.

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      I have a few more pages to add to the pile, or at least pieces of the puzzle. All passed onto me anonymously. All by those eager to help the BOS mission. So before I share and attempt to unravel the mystery, thank you to those people – we sincerely appreciate you.

      The first two pages were discussed by myself and @coryphella at length over in the MSE spoilers channel on Slack, but I thought I would share our findings here so it can all be kept together in one place…

      A key thing to note is that the pages seem to come from Abraham Eleazar’s “Uraltes Chymisches Werk” (Age-Old Chymical Work). Megan tracked down some websites with info on it: you can see the illustrated plates from the book here and for a translation, go here

      So many ouroborous in there. So. Many.

      PAGE 1:

      Page 1

      Figure no. 10 is the symbol we are all familiar with. It replaces a picture of a serpent-like creature wound around a cross.

      Figure no. 9 is really intriguing and is unchanged from the original as far as I can see.

      The Latin round the outside translates (to the best of my knowledge/ability) as:

      Tria Sunt Mirabilia
      There are three miracles

      Deus et Homo
      God and Man

      Mater et Virgo
      Mother and Virgin

      Trinus et Unus
      (The) Three and (The) One

      The Latin in the centre ring is trickier. “Centrum Set Trigonon Centri” – I think it is something like “Centre but centre of the triangle”

      There are two words in the centre triangle. Jap/hah and Ke/dar. These are Biblical and translate as Beautiful and Blackness/Sorrow respectively. Japhah Kedar. Beautiful Darkness as in New Dusk. Or Beautiful Sorrow. Which certainly sounds like heartbreak to me… They are also, from what I can find, linked to the book of Enoch (aka “the patriarch”, who travelled through a triangular portal to Heaven) and the story of Noah.

      PAGE 2:

      Page 2

      Figure no. 6

      Remaining relatively unchanged from the original – with one very notable addition.

      Megan found this translation for the German text: Let it climb to the top of the Mountains; then drive them together over (the Mountains). So will the fiery creeping worm be prepared or the winged Griffin.

      Now I don’t have the images for the next pages, but I am assured that they were written in German. And luckily, the person who has them in their possession has been able to roughly translate them. They speak of a book so rare that some would pay a lot of money to gain possession of a copy. The next part is a recipe of sorts, but important words have been replaced by symbols – triangles and circles with dots in the middle (does this link into Centrum set Trigonon Centri???). The recipe is for a potion, taking a liquid and boiling it down to a third, and repeating this ten to twelve times then putting it into a barrel. So creating some kind of liquor?

      Are we missing the pages that contain the key to translation?

      If anyone has pages in their possession, but is afraid to come forward for whatever reason, please feel free to pass them onto me. I will protect all anonymity. Those pages were scattered around for a reason and only by unlocking their secrets can we uncover the meaning behind all of this…

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       Meghan Mayhem

      It’s interesting to me that these pages seem to have some very important information and are clearly torn out of a book and yet were seemingly strewn about with no thought. Across tables, on chairs, etc. As if someone were reading through it and tearing pages out and just leaving them wherever.

      We are clearly missing some sort of key that will help figure out some of these words but it’s interesting to me that the potion recipe appears to be so powerful and important that it has to be coded, even in a book so rare, just in case.

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      I only have a description of the symbols but they made me think of this:

      Symbols of Alchemy

      Just posting that here for easy future reference…

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      I have had a translation for those two German pages forwarded to me. Credit for uncovering the translation goes to, I believe, @chelsea so two big thumbs up 🙂

      “I, Abraham Eleazar continue to teach you Dear Brethren, as our Fathers in the Wilderness sinned against the Lord through Idolatry, Moses made for them a brazen Serpent and stuck it to a Cross, that such would be seen by all the people, and they again from their merited plaque might recover.

      Therefore know, when you can fasten with a Golden Nail, the Serpent Python on his Cross, so will you want nothing in Wisdom.

      Therefore is Nature most hidden and this is the whole secret in the Art, that we draw out from this secret Materia the Spirit Phytonis and Pirthre Sol, as the Sulphureous Water, as the strength from Fire and Air of imperceptible form, separate with small trouble; therefore is it full of Spirit, and holds in itself a fat fruitfulness.

      This will now be driven out and separated, that as a clear Water and appears to the eye as a tear, i.e., Spiritus Mercurii. This loosens the common Phyton and makes it also a Water, yes to an Aldibid.

      That however you know and become acquainted with the materiam; so is such our old Albaon Abacschozdii, is a Minera, so there in the mountains is found, and such is of three different sorts. The first is in all its parts, is used by surgeons, it is right to say a volatile ore while it stands as pure Tincture or Seed, so however volatile, while all of the Fire is taken away, till very little. When such is melted it gives a little sparks. This is best. The other appears yellow and also with little black sparks, is often found in yellow gravel or sand, and has much auriferous volatile seed. The third is grey and white and a very poisonous kind, a right Saturn, which has the power, with its poisonous breath to kill. Therefore one must be very careful when working with this, when in a dry form, to get its sweat.

      In the wet way it is more sure, for when this old one is put into a bath, it betakes itself into it. Thou shalt also know that this old one is of a saline property, therefore such is dissolved only into a bad liquor, so from Kay and Salt is the sapient crude amalgam prepared, this is through a penetrating poisonous Salt, which is a pure Python, heightens the bath, that this old one himself should dissolve in such, till to a little, which the Fera of the heat of the Body is, the clear solution is poured off, such is put in a cold place, and so is produced the Old One in quite another figure, in beautiful crystals, and also it is with the other two preceeding particularly, but the first is not so poisonous.”

      This brought to mind the following images (from Eleazar’s book):

      Serpent and cross Figure 2

      Original Unedited Figures 9 and 10

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      Also just got my grubby hands on the page I referred to as being a recipe for a potion:


      This may also be relevant to those symbols:

      Alchemist table of symbols

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         Meghan Mayhem

        @blondie Ohhhh those 100% seem to line up with the symbols. I see the symbols for “day”, “night”, “water”, “fire”, and “salt”

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      I just hit the mother load!!! Thank you mysterious benefactor ???

      If I have the “original”, I will post this after the page found this weekend for reference/comparison.


      Found page 1


      Original page 1 for comparison

      2) THIS ONE GUYS!!!

      Found page 2

      3) ALSO THIS ONE!!!

      Found page 3


      Original page 3 for comparison


      Found page 4

      Original page 4 for comparison


      Found page 5


      Original page 5 for comparison

      (Um, is Sabrina gonna be having a snake baby?!)

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        The coffee ring on #4 made me laugh a bit (for those that experienced the early days of Tension, you’ll know what I mean)

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      The first thing that came to mind with the serpent on the cross was the unraveling of the Ouroboros. It’s no longer eating it’s own tail and the circle has been broken.

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      That was also my first thought @kevin

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      There are at least 9 illustrations that haven’t cropped up yet. The ouroboros features in those. I will be interested if they turn up, how they may differ from the originals…

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      Ok dudes and dudettes… so the Instagram post that was immediately deleted. Oof. Let’s tackle this (posting it in this thread to keep all info on the pages together).

      1) The Deleted Post:

      Deleted Insta

      Thanks to @creepsociety for her lightening screenshot ability ?

      2) The Pages within the Image

      Two stand out to me immediately… These are plates from the same text as before. Figures #3 and #4.

      Figure 3

      Figure 4

      3) Numbers in Red: 13 8 14

      This could refer to pages we should pay more attention to… I have 8, but 13 and 14 have not surfaced yet so can repost 8 and the originals of 13 and 14.

      Repost of New Figure 8

      “Granum Fundi, Centrum Mundi” is an odd phrase and appears unaltered from the original plate. Centrum Mundi is centre of the world. Granum could be grain, growth, rebirth (thanks @wanda102), fundi could refer to funds or estates or have a similar etymology to fundamental. I am scratching my head on this one, although my fave interpretation was “grant funds = the centre of the universe” ???

      Original Figures 13 and 14

      Bit of info on figure #13. This is potentially the Urim (and Thummim) – a breastplate worn by a priest, I think. Michael and Raphael are archangels. Tetragrammaton is the word for God without saying God (YHWH if you will) and AGLA is a kabbalistic acronym for Atah Gibor Le-olam Adonai,”You, O Lord, are mighty forever.” You see Adonai again at the bottom, the plural of “Adon”, or Lord. It’s like an emphatic plural, rather than multiple Gods.

      Will share more thoughts/info if and when…

      Someone took a risk to post these pages to the Instagram… And if the response is to close down all the social media… Just, I think this is important so any help is welcomed

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         Lauren Bello

        Remember all the bits of red text in Tension that we never solved?


        And at one point people had gotten phone calls with a series of numbers and letters (“14 18 31 N L 15 F S” I think was one of them).

        These red numbers are probably unrelated. Almost certainly. But I do wonder if there’s any sort of pattern that’s stayed constant among Anoch-worshippers.

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        14 18 31
        13 8 14

        Hmm… but as you say… unrelated??? ?

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        The nude siamese snake creature is also from Abraham Eleazar’s “Uraltes Chymisches Werk”. In the original text this creature is a Melusine. They are closely related to Morgens, sirens, Mermaids, and water spirits/nymphs.

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      To add to the Melusine, the creature came to become associated with overarching fertility i.e. not just important to babymaking. During the medieval ages, the creature came to be associated with economic fertility in rural areas. This might have significance to the text?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      So if we follow the trail of this book, it is apparently itself a bastardization of multiple bastardizations of nonsense.

      The Fraudulent Founding of Modern Magick

      The book was, as we see above, eventually translated into German.

      “According to this manuscript, the road to enlightenment required months of daily prayer at sunrise and sunset, chastity, fasting and avoidance of intoxicants (echoes of Pythagoras and Mani). With the help of your guardian angel, who will appear after months of prayer, the budding magician need only capture and bind 12 devils in order to usurp their powers. Once this is done, the ability to cast love charms, find buried treasure, fly and become invisible will be conferred.”

      There is also an oil supposed to replace the original anointing oil of Moses. They got the recipe wrong.
      “All manner of nonsense was written about the purpose, effect and great power of Abramelin Oil.”

      This all takes us to Aleister Crowley aka Cagliostro, who created THE EGYPTIAN RITE of Freemasonry:

      Which may have derived from ENOCH and Elijah — of which Anoch is another bastardization.

      The Egyptian Rite, however, was discarded by European Freemasons.

      So this is a long way of saying that the “Order of Anoch” seems like it is result of multiple mutations and bastardizations, itself based on works of fantasy, and a discarded wing of Freemasonry.

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