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      Highly off topic, but I was speaking with some people about a more formal post-Lust meetup/event when everything is all over. Someone brought up the idea that there would be signature cocktails served at this hypothetical event. Which brought up the next idea: what Lust-inspired signature drinks would be served at such an event? My contributions are as follows:

      1. The Sarah – Gin martini served in a beautiful, (extremely) chilled glass
      2. The Noah – Whiskey(?) served to you in a big gulp. Bump of coke available for an extra $2
      3. The Otis – Warm tea that is comforting and nice. You suspect that it is going to end in a harsh vodka note at the end

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       Meghan Mayhem

      4. The iConfidant – A super fruity blended drink with a cherry and umbrella that takes forever for the bartender to make and gives you the worst hangover of your life
      5. The Father Sinclair – A shot of Frenet. Drink it. Drink it now. Now say you like it.

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      My contributions:

      -If you order “The Darren” or “The Clint” you get a replacement drink? Something imported?
      -Or you could order “The Daddy” but they correct you when you order it…
      -“The Noob” is just seltzer water but if you’re real good they’ll eventually give you some booze.

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      This makes me want to take up drinking

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      “The Sadie” – it’s just a glass of my tears. Somehow still alcoholic.

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        Damnit @shinobi – you beat me to it. My version of “The Sadie” was salted caramel liquor. Starts off sweet but ends with the salt of Dan’s tears…

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       Brad Ruwe

      The Stacey: Mystery drink where bartender throws something together as a surprise because HOW DOES SHE FIT INTO EVERYTHING.

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      -“The Kristin”:

      1 1/2 ounces Double Espresso Vodka (go for the Van Gogh, it’s my fav)
      Chai Tea concentrate
      Milk of your choice

      Serve in an adorbs cup, garnish with a cinnamon stick. Preferably consumed as soon as possible in a locked and darkened room with the main power off.

      Sip and know they’re always watching you.

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      I think I will be your sober driver you guys! where is that Party bus !!

      What about non alcoholic drinks ? If we don’t drink so throw it out the ideas then

      Let me start with the half of sprite and strawberry soda and dash of speaking water I would name it what the fuck going on drink !!

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      The Man in the Reddish Room: Bartender’s choice of a shot. He slams it down in front of you and sniffs you before you can drink it.

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      The Killer Martini: beatened, not stirred. Tomatoe juice, vodka, dash of Sriracha. Served in a Chilled glass.

      LustTINI: tequila, strawberry spritzer,lime soda. Rosemary to garnish.
      *enough tequila to make clothes come off.

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      @blondie made one for me and I’m over the moon about it ?? and @sassyyael it’s non-alcoholic ? “The Candace” – a non-alcoholic mocktail, lots of juices, super sweet, you love it from the first sip. Comes with complimentary cat ears ?

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       Brad Ruwe

      The Investor: All of these drinks mixed together.

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      @pandace88 you won me now I am so gonna try lol

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      @pandace8aso ca. I keep the cat ears!!!

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      The ” @thegilded

      -Pint of beer for every 5 squats
      -Drink until you start talking about the time when you were an Apost-swoles of the Big-inning


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      The Mike – A drink that takes some getting used to due to its bitterness

      The “He Who Shall Not Be Named” – The drink itself doesn’t matter, but if anyone hears you mention it or order it, they freak out and try to get the bar shut down.

      The Theory – A communal drink that has everyone split up into their own private groups to drink it.


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      The System –

      2oz Templeton rye.
      1oz dark Jamaican rum
      1/2oz makers mark
      1oz brown sugar infused simple syrup.
      Orange slice

      Muddle cherry, orange and splash of bitters. Add ingredients in shaker with ice. Infuse with rich tobacco smoke.
      Mix, strain and serve neat.

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      Most of these are jokes but I’d actually an unironically drink “The System”

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      @thegilded That’s what The Sinclairs are betting on…

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      Macy’s Volcano Bowl (group cocktail lit ON FIRE!)

      3 ounces Demerara rum or dark Jamaican rum
      2 ounces gold Jamaican rum
      1 ounce gold Puerto Rican rum
      6 ounces white grapefruit juice
      2 ounces fresh lime juice
      ¾ ounce pure maple syrup
      ½ ounce simple syrup
      Small amount of 151-proof rum or pure grain alcohol

      Add all ingredients except the 151-proof to a large cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Shake until chilled. Place the volcano bowl on table and fill the outer ring with ice cubes. Strain the contents of the shaker into the bowl.

      Fill the crater of the volcano with 151-proof rum. Using a grill lighter or long kitchen matches to light the high-proof rum ON FIRE. Serve with long straws.

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       Andrew K

      The one everyone came up with me is perfect:

      “The Drew” – A masterfully crafted whisky, egg white, and herb concoction. When you finish, there is a picture of you at the bottom. It is the best picture anyone has ever taken of you. For one brief moment, before the alcohol hits, you feel pretty.”

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       Andrew K

      The @kingkill33

      Jager on ice with bitters and orange peel.

      A little hard to swallow, but sweet once you get used to it.

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      The Megan –

      4oz lemonade
      4oz Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka

      Drink 3-4 of these, then post on the forums until Aleister Gordon tells you to knock it off.

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       Hannah Schenck

      A few created by @thegilded

      “The Meghan” @meghanmayhem – Chilled whiskey, neat. The drink makes you feel inferior. You’re certain you’re not cool enough to drink it. Also you’re bleeding now for some reason. You keep drinking and hope no one notices
      “The Cristen” @wanda102 – Vodka, low-cal soda with a splash of juice to taste. The glass is 70lbs if you can’t lift it, you are unworthy to drink it.
      “The Hannah” @shankfx22 – Rum with juice. Served in a short glass but you’re trashed at the end of it. You were tricked by its height and size. You fucking fool.
      “The Buz” @thebuz – Scotch on ice. You’re either cool with it and it’s all good or it punches you in the face.
      “The Rizzo” @rizzzoooooo – A fun vodka cocktail. It’s fun. It’s easily drinkable. Everyone loves it. By the time you’re done it’s infected you with its fucking slang and you hate yourself but it was fucking lit af and whatevs.
      “The Drew” @anakindrew – A masterfully crafted whisky, egg white, and herb concoction. When you finish, there is a picture of you at the bottom. It is the best picture anyone has ever taken of you. For one brief moment, before the alcohol hits, you feel pretty.
      “The Sean” @thegilded – You think you see the word whiskey on the menu but someone keeps holding his god damn drink in the way and you can’t read it. Because of this, everyone forgets it was even on the menu.

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      I’m sorry, but you’re all making “The Meghan” incorrectly.

      Original Recipe:
      Vodka (double pour)
      Cran-pomegranate juice
      Serve with box of Shamwows

      V2 Recipe:
      Wine Cube (yes, the whole box)
      Hatred (just a dash)
      Serve with box of Shamwows

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       Andrew K

      The @111error

      English breakfast tea stepped in Vodka, finished with honey. British, harsh, but with a slight sense of sweetness.

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      @kipsie- There is a Megan and a Meghan here.

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      @coryphella I wouldn’t be so rude as to misspell your name. 🙂

      It’s been rumored that @meghanmayhem will appear behind you if you stare into a mirror at midnight and utter the words “Wine Cube”…

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      @kipsie – just making sure 😉 don’t want to be forgotten yet.

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