New Instagram post: "Fire Rises"

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       Mustafa Said

      Fire Rises…

      A post shared by The Experiences (@theexperiences_) on

      For some reason, this kinda reminded me of what that…dude with the 2 name said earlier about how we’ve given them our voices and stuff. Not sure why.

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       Robert Fuller

      Bullshit propaganda. Goebbels would be proud.

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         Unseen Presence

        100% agree that it’s propaganda. You post your videos in support of the BOS (or anti-OSDM, as you wish) and they get strung together in a (granted) clever edit.

        But what I don’t see is anything new here from Morgan himself. No new data that I could spot, even looking at the video at screenshot speed. Nothing that’s not exactly what ‘L’ suggested–your faces and images and words pressed together and regurgitated AS the resistance.

        And I understand at some level. Morgan’s trying to show you that you are all part of it, right? Rewarding you for speaking out as he asked by giving you an ‘awesome’ video.

        The problem, for me, is that I don’t see anything ELSE that he’s offering here. Where is the “burning” part of “Burn It Down”?

        Finally, I think the choice of adding the note about “not seeing what is transpiring right in front of them”….

        I think that’s about those of you who are swallowing this video.

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         Lauren Bello

        I actually thought there was some subtle new information.

        When Morgan first revealed that BOS was in charge of forums, Slack, IG, FB, there were some concerns. Would BOS now be the equivalent of the OOA in Tension? Tuning out all dissenting voices? Closing off “paths” for those who weren’t BOS? Morgan responded by calling and engaging with people who had expressed doubts. Then he released this video.

        1) Not dubstep. 😛

        2) Showcased voices who weren’t overtly BOS but were asking questions and participating.

        3) Contained reminders of the way that the OOA called people out (banishing Rizzo for speaking up against them, calling out 111_error, etc.) without doing the same thing itself

        To someone who isn’t on Slack, sure, I can see how it might just look like your typical video promoting the Experiences. But with the context of having seen the Slack conversations of the past few days, this to me seems to directly address some of those fears – even down to using a different genre of music.

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        @daela I want to gently disagree: from what I see, with the exception of Sam’s letter (and keep in mind this is now the third time Morgan’s addresses her directly to assuage her skepticism I believe,) everyone featured in this video has openly declared for BOS. During this exercise @kevin actually posted a great video asking what happens when the fire burns out that I think would have been appropriate here had the video had a broader intention than it did. It certainly would’ve made those of us that had some reservations feel like we had answers coming, perhaps.

        That said, it absolutely serves its purpose and promotes its cause and I enjoy that rock and drum and heavy bass.

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         Lauren Bello

        with the exception of Sam’s letter…everyone featured in this video has openly declared for BOS

        I don’t believe @argentrose has either? And AllieCat expressed interest in joining but has not openly declared (unless she goes by a different username here?). A good number of those at the “Wurstkuche” event also are not BOS.

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       Lauren Bello


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         Brad Ruwe

        Thank you for grabbing those screencaps @daela! Def noticing some familiar pieces in there. Have we seen the art in image 13 before? I don’t recognize it from any past posts.

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      Respectfully, this video strikes me as nothing more than a tweaking of BOS marketing strategy to make the product palatable to a larger customer base. The Experiences focus group gave feedback (“We’d prefer less dubstep in our BOS”) and BOS changed its recipe.

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       Unseen Presence

      I can appreciate the context that @daela is trying to add. It’s certainly useful for those of us who have not been on the entire journey to be reminded of previous tactics and potential changes here. That is useful to know, regardless of inclination.

      It does not change my overall impression of the video a great deal but does add additional placement of it within the larger history.

      I continue to wait for the moment when “burn it down” means more than repurposing your words and phrases and previous photos. I can see that such may be effective. I can even understand why @111error would create a video like this, both from propaganda and from ‘rallying the troops’/’bolstering the troops’ perspectives. I can see the potential this might have for those who ‘happen’ to run across it.

      It does what it is supposed to do, for the most part.

      But in the context of ‘L’, whoever that it, does it not worry any of you that this video is also pretty close to what he just said you were doing (with his implied inference that it was a poor decision or at least a decision without enough context to understand)?

      I’m not attempting to be snarky or rude in any way. It crossed my mind that there might be a comparison or connection between the two.

      So this is an honest question for you pro-BOS people–has it crossed your mind that ‘L’ relays how quickly/easily/foolishly/whatever word you want we have -all- been reacting to things and offering up our info/pictures/names…and then the very next video is comprised strongly from that very sort of data? Does that worry you at all? Or is there a different way of looking at it?

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        I would have to agree that it’s more of a rallying the troops type of video than propaganda. It shows that they’re listening to what people in the BOS have to say, by using the posts we made to bring us all together in whatever is coming next.

        And no, @unseenpresence, it doesn’t really worry me too much if Morgan or BOS had/has my info or photo, I personally trust him with it if he does have any of it through old files OSDM had once BOS took over. I mean, technically a lot of us have already given our info and photos willingly to whoever/whatever through iConfidant, (and we all suspected that to be something from OSDM from the start) so I don’t think giving more of the same is really going to do anything bad or worrisome with BOS.

        On a counter point though, (and one thing I would possibly worry about) is if somehow OSDM were able to take everything back over and get any of that extra info and use it for their own purposes.

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      Anyone want to talk about those screencaps of both Otis and Brad with their eyes whited out? Because that shit’s unsettling…

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