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      This morning there was some talk on slack about the wider implications of the ritual Brad and Meghan witnessed. Here is my take, watching this happen from more or less outside: this community, right now, is not the same community that did Tension. Yes, there are people common to both experiences, but there are folks here now who weren’t around back then, and vice versa.

      Those who were burned in the ritual/symbolic action/whatever last night wasn’t us, because this community now is not the same as what was here two years ago. Even the people who did Tension have grown and gained new life experiences. And that’s exactly what we have to remember going forward, as we face whatever is waiting. Whatever is coming, we cannot and will not face it as the old community.

      Here’s what I propose: I think we should always support each other in one thing, no matter where our individual paths leads us, and that is personal growth. Sometimes we have to face adversity before we can learn from it, and that comes in different forms for each of us. Maybe for Brad (as an example), it takes working against a friend to learn exactly what kind of change you wish to see in your life. Maybe you might even learn that what you really want isn’t change at all, who knows.

      Whatever awaits us, if we can support each other’s personal growth, the smaller disagreements won’t hurt us as much, as long as we remember that this is our goal.

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