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      I never knew Morgan before he became a part of Lust. I don’t know how he got co-opted into being the leader of the current iteration of the Brotherhood of Seraph. Maybe, in his own mind, this was something that he chose to do. Maybe this is part of his own path–a way to seek the truth within the whole nebulous world that has become “The Experiences.”

      He says there isn’t a narrative, that he is doing what he does because he believes in it, but have any of you ever really stopped to ask what it is he believes in? Helping people? With what? Getting to the truth of things? How?

      We keep hearing that everything is going to change–that we’re trying to weaponize old and useless information. Morgan implies that he has been controlling the current iteration of Phase 3, but that his choices haven’t been respected.

      But I keep coming back to this whole idea that there isn’t a narrative–that his choices and his words aren’t scripted. He believes that he isn’t being controlled, but DLB continues to light up his phone. He says he’s made a mistake–let his frustration and anger at the current situation slip from a place of Outside the Game to somewhere Inside the Game.

      And all I am left to wonder is, is anyone surprised that Morgan would be upset that his choices are being discounted or discarded in favor of something new? Many of you have said often enough that Morgan is simply being set up. We’d like to think that we’re better at knowing how we’d react to such things, but what if we’re not? What if, like a violin, we’re being played–a melody that adds to the harmony of a larger orchestral work?

      I, like many of you, have grown fond of Morgan. Some of you know him as more than just a part of this ARG. Some of you understand what he’s given up to focus on this–a choice he made, certainly, but one which many of you respect. In a way, I think he has come to love this thing he has become–though the reasoning may be suspect. I don’t think he wants to lose this, and maybe there is more at stake if he does simply walk away–more than just this ARG. Maybe if he leaves, or he gets removed, people he cares about become open game. Maybe the question you should be asking him isn’t “Have you thought about leaving?” but “Why haven’t you left?”

      If things are at such a point that you want to throw vitriol at The Creators, Morgan, why are you still here? What keeps you here? Is it really the truth you’re after? Are you protecting certain people? Is it control of the BoS that you don’t want to lose? Or are you afraid of losing your place within the overall Order? You keep saying you’re not a part of all of this, and yet, you are tied into more and more threads as time goes on.

      What’s holding you back? What’s keeping you here?

      Why were you allowed to create a Phase 3 that is no longer viable?

      I know there are a lot of assumptions in the things I’ve said above, but thus far, you’ve done very little to assuage me of any of those assumptions.

      I’m sorry I’m having a hard time believing in you, Morgan, but you’ve made it …difficult, to say the least.

      Still, …this world would be a great deal darker without you.

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