Military applications of the helmet

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      As I understand, the “facts” currently points to Sabrina being brainwashed into being Addison by the ODSM? using a helmet of some kind, and even though there were some glitches near the end, it still seemed to work fairly well for periods.

      So why has the military not jumped over this technology!!! If they found out about it, surely they would have taken it underground and developed it further!

      Perhaps the investors are using immersive theatre as a cover to develop the technology for themselves, or perhaps a government organization itself is above the investors (or the investors are also a cover) and using us as the testing ground without needing human rights approvals and stuff?

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       Brad Ruwe

      Really there’s plenty of potential nefarious applications of a helmet like that. Can you imagine marketing agencies getting a hold of technology like that? Of being able to implant desires and preferences into the customer base? New show underperforming? Brainwash a group of people into diehard superfans.

      The show Dollhouse (which sadly only got 2 seasons) covers this very topic. Season 1 was mostly following one character as she was reprogrammed over and over, but season 2 tackled a much bigger storyline of what happens when the technology to reprogram people gets out beyond the isolated company that was using it only on “volunteers”.

      It’s a scary thought if this technology becomes (or has become) available. Need an army? Convert average citizens into one.

      ……wait, are we the army in training?

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       Kurt Lohse

      The military or dark government or “powers that be” already have the technology to facilitate limited, complete behavior control and it does not require a helmet. It takes way too much work/power to control someone’s behavior all the time, and it’s glitchy and destructive to the mental stability of the host…. to say the least.

      It is far more efficient to influence behavior completely in short bursts, remotely, individually or in mass, at any time. If we are the army they are training, it would be more strategic to use us for advocacy, influence, and to shape social acceptability at scale to avoid mass resistance to their objectives.

      Collectively, we are batteries providing the life blood to the ones with real power through the steady, reliable stream of capital and labor resources from which they can set up a never ending network of siphons. We make wealth through labor, they make wealth through the accumulation of more wealth…and interest. Once you achieve critical mass in wealth, you can purchase power to insulate whatever perpetual wealth growth mechanism you chose. Tiny percentages of interest on very large numbers create massive streams of new wealth without any new effort. We are just a resource, but a necessary one.

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