Lawrence Meyers 11PM 2/2/18 Periscope

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       Unseen Presence

      Here’s the link to what he called “The Experiences Briefing 2/2/18”

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       Unseen Presence

      Thoughts on the periscope:

      1. I appreciate the breakdown of events for both experiences, although I think some of your ideas have the potential to be speculative rather than certain. But I definitely appreciate it.

      2. For what it’s worth, we do not -actually- know what DLB is referencing when he got upset about what he was seeing in the most recent torn letter. Instead, we get that DLB can’t explain what he IS seeing–even though he’s intimately familiar with the aspects of movie-making and illusion that would normally give him some ideas how. And we get that he both can’t explain it any more AND no longer turns away when it happens.

      Yes, we have others saying they saw “snake god”-like scenarios. But I maintain that just because DLB can’t explain it doesn’t mean that it’s -by necessity- real.

      3. The way you break down the events, it suggests that there is really only one course of action. To self-actualize AND be on the side of the BOS. I don’t know that I agree with that. I think it’s perfectly possible to self-actualize AND join the cult willingly. To end up on the side of the OSDM/DOA/OOA/whatever acronym you want to use there. In fact, if someone was able to show me LEGITIMATELY something supernatural in that fashion, that would be a strong selling point for me. But I, personally, have never seen any proof of the ‘supernatural’. So it would have to be something intimately real or I’m going to do exactly what DLB did and assume it was a magic trick. I’ve got magician friends and I’ve -seen- them do impossible things, even as I know that I wasn’t REALLY seeing magic.

      Ultimately, I really do appreciate how you break things down–and I do agree that even if there IS this civil war, Noah’s side winning doesn’t necessarily mean victory. It just means the scientifically powerful take over from the religiously powerful. Either way, the elite continue to exist.

      It may be that the only -real- solution we have is to decide which -type- of elite conspiracy is going to be our overlords in the end. As depressing as that may sound to some.

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       Lawrence Meyers


      1) Oh, it’s all speculation and always subject to change.
      2) Agreed.
      3) The course of action you take is up to you. My ongoing concern is for my friend and wherever that may take me.

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