It's not over

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      It never was over. It was merely…


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      …always watching.

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       Haley Wilde

      I’m listening.

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       Kyle Bown


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      When is an awakening not an awakening?

      Does self realization or self actualization happen in a vacuum?

      And say if one does become “awake”, what then? There will always be another barrier to be broken. Were that not the case, once we broke the final barrier, we would stagnate.

      Thus, one does not achieve any sort of mental or spiritual liberation or what have you, it is a process. A unending undertaking.

      Up until now, this space has been dormant, but I think it may start waking up again. My mind itself is still far too foggy at the present moment. Things are still disjointed.

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        Your mind? Disjointed? If we can only see you awakening us to the nature of awakening as anonymous, how can we help? Who have you awoken as? Which version of self actualization are you on?

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      People are alive, I’m not just kicking down the door – very late to a party – thank goodness.

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