If the red room is Real, what else is?

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      Okay here’s some brain dump as I try to work things out based on what we learned about the red room today. At the MSE, I was told by Skye to find a red candle in the red room, and use that and the anoch pages to form a seal of some kind. The seal would help things, but she wasn’t sure of exactly what. If we’ve going with the explanation that the MSE was all for show, Sabrina was already pregnant, and it was all just immersive theater, then what is the status of the red room here?

      a confirmed on slack today that it is “real”. It might have been the only “real” part of the show. So, the fact that Skye knew that the red room holds something powerful, and Stephanie shutting me down when I asked about it are both “real world” interactions during this piece of theater, as is what Lia saw. If Skye telling me about the red room was a moment of “pulling back the curtain” (btw has anyone else clocked how often that specific phrase is used when talking about this? idk if there’s anything there or not), and exposing a way to put an end to the danger they are in, then that means they ARE truly in danger.

      But why would she tell me to collect these items when I had no chance of doing so? The only way to get into the room was to be escorted by TPTB. Was Skye telling me about the red room just a last ditch effort to get help, based on info she might have only a passing knowledge of? When I asked Stephanie about it, she didn’t seem thrilled, but just told me “you can’t talk about that here.” And I’ve posted about the red room before. But all hell breaks loose every time Lia tells her story. So they’re not necessarily trying to cover up the existence of the red room, but what is kept inside the room: certain objects, experiences, and power. Magick, even. Because that is the real key to bringing the order down. Whatever the fuck is in that room.

      So my takeaway here is that the MSE was mostly for entertainment/data mining purposes, except,

      Red room = real.

      Lia’s story = real.

      The other person who went up to the room but never returned to share any details = probs a plant.

      Girls being held against their will by the order = real.

      Red candle + pages = “The Seal” that will end the danger = real.

      My commitment to help Skye and Jennifer and Vanessa and Alexis and the others however I can = REAL and stronger than ever

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