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      Did anyone see the new update to the IConfidant facebook?

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      From The Creators on Slack earlier:

      “Hey all, I just need to put it out here, this thing from Stacey has no ties to tension, or relationship to us, or our organization. We are trying to do some digging on what this is. Proceed with caution. It has no ties to Tension. Stay safe.”

      “I understand based on the past shenanigans everything feels suspect. Again, I want to state we have ZERO ties to iConfidant, or Stacey Erikson, Whatever that is, is separate from whatever has transpired previously.”

      We were told that all discussion of iConfidant in the general/on topic channel would be removed at 3pm as it being a separate entity, it is not part of Tension/Lust/Theatre Macabre.

      Make of that what you will.

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      For those interested in conversation, we are discussing it in the #iconfidant channel on Slack but moving forward the directive seems to be not to discuss it in Tension channels, so we will not be discussing it on the boards or #on-topic

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