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      Alright everyone knows that I am deaf now and I am working on seeing if I could do periscope to show some signs any one of you want to know some signs related to the lust experience please do throw out a word I will teach you a sign or two So aye or nay on me doing a periscope ? I usually don’t do this cuz I am very shy but hey why not so aye or nay?

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      Yes, I’d like to learn: Never Silent, Lust, iconfidant?, and of course “Peace Bitches!”

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      Absolutely @sassyyael! I need to spruce up on my ASL all the time so I wouldn’t mind learning a thing or two, even if it’s slang.

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       Brian E

      @sassyyael That’s a great idea to give back to the community, I recommend practicing first, as periscoping is a bit of a challenge, maybe look for some deaf life streams see how other people have done them too might give you some ideas.

      Good luck!

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      Awesome I will do it so anyone wishes to learn what word just throw it out on here so I can make a plan 🙂 anyone don’t be shy to ask a word hehe

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      Omg I totally forgot about this. I was on heavy medication from the surgery. Forgive me lol but this is amazing idea so I want to make a little video instead of periscope so anybody want me do this I will do it

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       Brad Ruwe

      I missed this thread when it came out, but I’d love to learn some experience related phrases!

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      @nothenrygale. Will do that very soon!!

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