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      Quote: A man’s respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.”
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      Invitation to the Coup – Wolfgang Lettl

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       Lauren Bello

      Who could this be referring to? Is this a reference to someone going rogue who isn’t getting paid enough? Sabrina? Stephanie?

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         Lauren Bello

        The image – a man with two faces – suggests it may have something to do with Stephanie, the possible double agent.

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      Jfc, I clearly have forgotten how to embed an image…

      I thought about that @daela. I’m wondering if they’re telling us that they have the means to keep people in their pockets, and that very well could be in reference to Stephanie.

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      Working in some of the ideas from yesterday’s painting, this man is also warped, but not as completely changed as the one before. His face is splitting in two, his shoulder is strange, his legs aren’t where they’re supposed to be at all, and he has a lock opened into his chest.

      The lock isn’t really of a piece with the other aspects, but could indicate that he’s lost something inside that he wanted to protect.

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       Lawrence Meyers

      The quote is from one of the first Black Congressmen ever elected, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (NOT of U2, people, and way to go for continuing to dishonestly post quotations) who did a ton of great things for civil rights, but is a hypocritical statement because he became corrupt over time.

      The painting is “Invitiation to a Coup” by Wolfgang Lettl. Lettl’s painting (he was a German comms officer in WWII) is up for analysis, because I can’t find any online. To me, it seems that people can be two-faced when it comes to seizing power. One side is locked up and proper when things are all well and good, but when the time comes to seize power and one is invited to participate in an overthrow, the more deformed, crooked, puzzle-shaped pieces of the person are revealed — the darker side i.e. The Shadow.

      This suggests that we are seeing the theme of Shadows reappear — two sides to Sabrina, a suggestion of Stephanie as a double agent.

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