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      Original Image:

      Tacere, Dino Valls.

      Note that tacere translates to “Be Silent.”

      “The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.” – H.G. Wells

      Immediately *before* this was posted, Cristen went live on Periscope with a message. Here’s the link.

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      On Slack I asked whether this was a message to be Never Silent or to keep your damn mouth shut. With that title, it does seem more like the latter. So what changed? Who or what after all of this time of encouraging people to tell it all is causing everyone: Morgan, Kortney, Mike, Brad, Cristen, and maybe others from being able to speak?

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      As I mentioned in Slack, this quote sounds a helluva lot like the System/Noah. It is incredibly suspect that @wanda102 would say this via periscope THEN it’s posted on the FB Lust morning painting. What exactly is going on here?

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      I’m looking for the original source of the quote. It’s part of the title of Wells’ book, The New Machiavelli: The Path of Least Resistance is the Path of the Loser. I haven’t read this, but here’s a summary from Amazon: “It is an “autobiography” by an English politician in the first decade of the 20th century who betrays his party (Liberals) by ditching it for the opposition (Conservatives). In doing so, he also abandons his wife for another woman and although he may have stuck by his principles (if he ever had any) he ends up ruining his career and personal life. In the character of Richard Remington, Wells created a damning portrait of an insufferable, egoistic, pontificating windbag whose attempts to set an agenda to “improve” society – whether to uphold the British Empire or allow women to play a greater part in social life – pays no attention to the effects on the people he is supposed to represent.”

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      @chelsea not foreboding at all nope.

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      If it’s one thing OSDM is kinda known for is their usage of Latin. Everyone that went to The End certainly saw that first hand. We know OSDM posts stuff on to the Lust FB–they are presenting this thing! I have to wonder if Tacere is really OSDM telling someone, not necessarily @wanda102, to be quiet because they’re getting too close to figuring something out or have information that is far too valuable for public consumption? Just tossing that out there.

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      @chelsea that is…really something. hmm.

      The painting, too. I’m interested in the fact that the subject IN the painting is the one smearing the paint, suggesting that the painting can affect itself. How terribly meta.

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       Evan N.

      I wonder if the painting is supposed to conjure some kinda “art imitating life/life imitating art” question, though that seems a little too (pardon the pun) heavy-handed for these folks.


      If this was posted by the OSDM, is it possible that they’re comparing that politician to the people who they haven’t ‘improved’ yet? Or are they warning us that there are forces at play here that will only pretend to have our best interests at heart until they get what they want?


      That’s definitely possible, but then the fact that she’s blocking out her own mouth doesn’t entirely make sense. It looks like she has silenced herself, though it doesn’t appear that she fully knew what she was doing when she started. If they are trying to keep someone quiet, why not illustrate some kind of impending consequence? And if someone is in danger of getting too close to some sensitive information, why tell them that they’re on the right track?

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       Lawrence Meyers

      So…HO– USE OF CARDS.

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      @chelsea got me thinking with the full quote and context.

      Entering in with OSDM may actually be the path of most resistance. Sure, not in the sense of an actual resistance or even because most people don’t side with OSDM, but in that they’re going to challenge you the most and the most directly. Think of the questions we were asked when buying tickets for Anointment, that “How far will you go?” one really stood out. That way may lead to the most resistance, both from yourself (how far are you willing to take it?) and others (why are you doing this?).

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       Kyle Bown

      Question about the smearing. It looks to me like she’s reach out to smear, not in. Her hand is facing us, implying there’s something in front of her she’s smearing. Is that her reflection? Is that the “camera.” Is she trying to change herself, or obscure herself from outside view?

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        @bruinbown some notes I found on Tacere:

        (One of Valls influencers was an artist we’ve seen already, I believe,Magritte)

        “The allusion to Magritte’s works is known intuitively when the artist merges the “real” space of the painting with the space that a character-painter paints in the painting itself, or when the mirror insists on showing a character’s secret feelings.”

        Regarding this painting specifically:

        “a suicidal action that is repeated in Tacere. In this image, the woman does not have De Profundis’s knife (another Valls painting in which the subject is carving his way out of his own portrait); but she, with a mere hand gesture, rebels against the painter, erasing her own face.”

        The rest is silence.

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        “…but she, with a mere hand gesture, rebels against the painter, erasing her own face.”


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        Similar, but different to @bruinbown’s point. The painting is also sort of, kind of reminiscent of that one Tension image where the senses are scratched out.

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