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      Original Painting:

      The Temptation of St. Anthony, Salvador Dali (1946)

      “If you don’t control your mind, someone else will” -John Allston

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       Robert Fuller

      Temptation and mind control. So, Lust in a nut shell, basically.

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      Fun interplay between the quote and the painting. You can be offered temptations and either control yourself with them or give in, and in essence, give control over to someone else.

      Yesterday’s and today’s have also had major elements cropped out of them, but not like we were seeing before. These ones are still identifiable. There are just elements missing which either serve to focus the eye on something specific (the duel in yesterday’s painting and the actual temptation in today’s) or leave out a key element of the painting (the border and St. Anthony).

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      I almost see it as the temptation to relinquish control itself; the core of what we Lust after in so many ways.

      Aren’t we all somehow after a metaphorical…or even physical…loss of control?

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        @wanda102 I really like that interpretation.

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        Yes please.

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        Co-signed so hard.

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         Robert Fuller

        Definitely. It’s what I’ve always said. Funnily enough, I just watched Gatekeeper IV’s “I am in control” video, and all I could think was, “That’s fine! I wouldn’t want control!”

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      St. Anthony was the saint of lost things.

      “The rearing horse represents the fountain of desire. The obelisk mounted on the elephant’s back is an homage to Elephant and Obelisk, the Roman obelisk designed by Bernini. The proceeding elephants carry structures reminiscent of the Palladium and the next with a phallic tower. In the clouds behind the elephants, glimpses of El Escorial (King of Spain residence) can be seen, representing spiritual and temporal disorder.” There’s also a thing about the “golden cup of lust”. There’s a lot in this thing.

      The Elephant and Obelisk by Bernini is amazing in person. Bernini’s stuff is in general amazing in person. The image of the elephant with an obelisk actually shows up in a couple of Dali’s paintings, including one called “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening” which is why I’m digging into this a little. The obelisk itself is an Egyptian obelisk design. The elephant is used as a symbol of strength, while the obelisk has been seen by christianity as a symbol by “divine wisdom”, but the history of this obelisk is actually political, not religious, and was created by Pharaoh Apries.

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      Wasn’t the whole relinquish control over to us/ODSM thing said by Horace a while back? How it would be easier for us just to let them decide everything for us and eat our high fructose corn syrup or something like that?

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        @chloe yes! Here’s the quote, from his chat with @shankfx22

        “Horace: I see… And this is my question: Why would you care? Isn’t it just easier this way? I’m not just talking about my son Hannah. I’m talking about you, all of you. It would be much easier if you would all realize that your actions simply don’t matter. You have NO POWER AND YOU NEVER WILL. Why would anyone want the burden of choice and responsibility anyways when you can enjoy your television? We’ve made it almost as good as the movies. Why even leave the house? Enjoy all of your distractions and your delicious high fructose corn syrup. Stop and just give into the sweet embrace of our arms.”

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