Echoes Between The Retreat and Anointment.

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      Okay. I’m trying to reach for something here, so forgive me for a little bit of a longer post and for a potential change to current discussions. I’ve been writing this for about 40 minutes now, trying to get it clear.

      The audio of that ritual/retreat specifically talks about the idea of spilling blood, rebirth and becoming someone else. Someone new.

      So f we take that as the retreat for now, then I think it alters the idea of what might be happening in there. Instead of it being a -sacrifice-, perhaps it’s more classically ritualized. Cutting a hand or an arm, letting blood flow. Maybe it’s sex and blood magic to a lesser immediately potent scenario, but designed to bond everyone together.

      “If one speaks, it endangers all.” So now everyone there has seen sex and blood and is bound into something ‘terrible’ (by the old definition meaning ‘frightening’). The actors are now combined together in a way very similar to what happened to all of us at Anointment. If they speak, they could endanger everyone–but it’s just as likely that they will not be believed. This is the town, after all, where rumors have existed forever of child pedophile rings and other equally horrifying things…and yet people still live here and most people don’t believe in them truly.

      What happened, then, and at Anointment, are essentially a repetition of events. The retreat shows the actors what they are getting into and then binds them together so they will support each other and act as a team. Anointment shows us what we are getting into and then binds us together so that we will support each other–especially those who went the last time, as they saw the final evolution of the narrative.

      The actors ‘become’ other versions of themselves, just as we have or are ‘becoming’ new versions of ourselves. And just as we continually get told in many ways that this is not a game for us…that would mean it was not a game for them, either.

      There is one potential conclusion to this that seems relevant, as well. If the two events are actually repeating, then that means they are BOTH events designed to generate a witness to something. In the retreat, the audio tape is the evidence of a ‘witness’ coming to something they are not ‘expected’ to see. In Anointment, that is what happens to Lia.

      That leaves the questions:

      * Did either of them witness something real? Or simply something PLANNED?

      * Even more importantly, as far as I’m concerned: WHAT DO THEY GET out of these moments? I don’t for one second believe that The Creators are in charge. I don’t think Noah Sinclair is either. So that means that WHATEVER the purpose of @lilmsfancpants seeing what she saw, it’s more than just seeing it or a transfer of power.


      I think that’s the second biggest question I have in this whole experience right now. Because yet again, I’m back to WHY.

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