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      Hey everyone – I am leaving on Friday to design a show in NH for two weeks and given the time difference and the fact that it’s an outdoor show and techs at night, I am likely to miss Periscopes and other things…and also I’m basically traveling for most of the summer, to somewhere. Normally I download all the videos for posterity and stuff because I’m obsessive like that, but as demonstrated with the Otis one the other night, sometimes I’m not there and they’re gone. I’d like to leave these links here and see if someone would be willing to do it for me if I’m not around.

      These are how *I* have been doing this – I’m sure there are better ways and I’m happy to learn them if anyone wants to teach me.

      For downloading Periscope videos there are a couple of ways to do it, I prefer this way though it produces larger files: I don’t know how to do that on a PC though.

      This will also work, but will result in a .ts file. That is fine.

      For downloading Facebook videos:

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       Brad Ruwe

      Thanks for the resources, and have a good work trip! Maybe you’ll be safe out in NH!

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      I’m going to be travelling a lot this summer too, working at a gajillion festivals with limited WiFi access. So if anyone does this, it would really help! I’m doing my best to keep my blog recaps going and this would certainly make that easier for me.

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      See everyone? @blondie and I need help. 🙂

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      I’m happy to help out with this whenever time allows. I recorded the iConfidant FB live stream. I’ll try to make a point of recording more of these as they pop up!

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