Does the Current BOS Operation Further Our Agenda

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      I’m pulling this over from Slack because I can’t make Kevin do absolutely everything for me.

      I had this really crazy idea. Here goes.

      We’ve been pushed to stop believing Darren all day. The slack shut down when Morgan started saying he didn’t trust him. And @a literally said to stop listening to his lies. BOS board of directors is on board with this concept, far as I can tell.
      So this reminds me of that question. “Does the current BOS operation further our agenda.”
      Does discrediting Darren further…”their” agenda.
      Getting us ALL on board with him being unwilling or unable to tell the truth.
      They wanted to spread the seeds that Lia was a liar too.
      “Push a narrative about her being despondent for not being trusted by her associates so that they are not surprised by her final story.”
      History repeats, didn’t @a also say that?

      Is the current agenda to eliminate another liability? Darren? And is that why, even though they can take back control of social media/Slack anytime they want, they haven’t?

      I’m not even suggesting that BOS is complicit in this, persay. We can’t know that right now. But it’s fucked, either way.

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      This whole idea is interesting, but this part feels right on:

      I’m not even suggesting that BOS is complicit in this, persay. We can’t know that right now. But it’s fucked, either way.

      The idea that BOS is being controlled or guided by OSDM or The Order without even knowing it certainly feels plausible right now. It also fits with some of what A has been talking about recently and the friend/foe conversation from yesterday. Maybe it isn’t anything as big as a participant, but more subtle ways of pushing BOS to do what they want or need them to do.

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        Yeah @kevin. I keep going back to the social media; they can take it back when they want, right? Meaning they relinquished control because they wanted to. Why leave a door unlocked unless you know there’s no harm in doing so?

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         Unseen Presence

        This is the BIGGEST question I have right now.

        Assuming the story we’ve been told is true, BOS owns the media. That means that -someone- (OSDM, the real group, some third party, SOMEONE) keeps interfering to … what, troll us? Wreak havoc for no damn reason?

        Why the hell would they even do that?
        It accomplishes nothing to tweak the nose of BOS’s control–we already know that BOS says they could take it back. So ongoing poking gains NOTHING at all.

        Does it mean that they’re just fucking around for the hell of it? That doesn’t make any sense to me.
        They’re not -really- around in any fashion right now. So why poke at things like that?
        For that matter, why the random phone calls that aren’t direct messages?

        It’s like 12-year olds got control of the OSDM suddenly and they’re making prank calls.

        I just don’t see the goal, yet. Not if the story is true.

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