Does Sabrina have a Hidden Agenda? (Spitballing here)

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       Tom Kircher

      I’ve been reflecting a lot about LUST and TENSION as of late, and one aspect of this season that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around and make sense of is Sabrina. Given where we left her at The End—with her leaving the OSDM after they’ve revealed the OOA to be their facade—her return this season as a member of the OSDM (and an incubator for Anoch) seems… off. I can’t imagine she’d willingly return to the organization that more or less ruined her life because she just feels like doing, so this leads me to two possible explanations for her behavior.

      The first possibility is that she hasn’t been deprogrammed (either partly or fully) and remains brainwashed by the OSDM. This of course could be the simplest explanation for her return and her perceived loyalty to the OSDM, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the reasoning behind her decisions.

      My second theory—which may be completely off-base but I’ve been considering it lately—is that she returned to the OSDM with ulterior motives. While it’s clear that Morgan and BOS seem to be some of the primary forces spearheading the takedown of the OSDM, is it possible that Sabrina’s return to the OSDM was influenced by that same motivation? Is it possible that she is also trying to bring about their downfall, but is doing so from the inside? I’ve always believed it’s easier to take something or someone down when you present yourself as an ally who can be trusted rather than a foe that stands in their way, and I’ve wondered if this may be what Sabrina is really doing at the OSDM.

      Again, I’m more than willing to admit that this could be (and probably is) completely off base, but I figured I throw it out there.

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       Robert Fuller

      Third possibility: Sabrina is an actress and this was the role she wanted to play. This actually ties in with some thoughts I’ve had lately so bear with me. It’s been made abundantly clear to us that Lust is about going after what you want. It’s something that’s been pounded into us time and time again. Morgan got what he wanted, he’s the leader of a resistance movement. This is what Sabrina wanted. We know she’s an actress; some of us (including you) know her personally. There is no OOG anymore and OSDM is most likely a complete fiction. But it doesn’t matter. We talk a lot about finding the truth but the truth is subjective and meaningless. We all have our own truths. And this is Sabrina’s truth. You have a personal connection with her, Tom, so maybe you should pursue that and see where it takes you. That’s my (completely unsolicited) advice, anyway.

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         Tom Kircher

        @remrelganaps You know I hadn’t considered that possibility, but now that I think about it that could also make sense. We could be seeing a different Sabrina altogether: not the brainwashed Addison who escaped the clutches of the OSDM at The End, but the actress who believes (or is being led to believe) that everything she’s doing for the OSDM is part of a performance they’re putting on. Considering how much Lust has blended behind the scenes aspects with the narrative, I could certainly see this being a possibility.

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