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       The Creators

      By this point in our journey together we can all agree there is no fourth wall, or curtain to step out from behind. We are all on stage together; creators, investors, writers, actors, participants, each and all.

      It is important as we move forward that all who are reading this realize we are building a world together, and there will be times that you will not agree with what is being constructed, or the materials used in its construction. This is fine. We understand, acknowledge and accept this is not for everyone.

      This forum remains our game board. Throughout your interaction with it, narratives will be introduced, identities born, and killed. Be the resistance, be the right hand of the OSDM, be the system, etc. etc.. or be nothing. You can choose to follow one, all, or none. In the end, your interactions give this a pulse.

      We will continue to push you, as you have continued to push us… We will experiment, we will succeed, and we will fail.

      This weekend the ground shook, and many were impacted on both sides.

      This will not be the first time that people will question what is real, and what is not… Myself, and those we answer to can assure you of only one truth in this universe. The only constant, the only fact that can not be altered, or challenged. You are The One. Your friendships, your relationships, your connection to each other is the only certainty.

      You all will play a role. Some of you will rise, others will fall, some will lead, while others pursue.

      Move forward together, or in factions, or in complete isolation. But remember, there is a time when this all will burn to the fucking ground, and all that will remain are those standing to your right and left.

      Lines will continue to blur, emotions will be challenged, and I can promise you, you will all become intimately familiar with our most important character… devastation.

      Be kind to each other, regardless of the costume you may be asked to wear.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Thank you for this ❤️ @the-creators

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      As always, I appreciate hearing from you guys. I look forward to the next time you either literally or metaphorically punch us in the gut.

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       Jared L

      Thank you for this amazing post. I’ve been here since the beginning, and even though I’ve had some difficulties through this experience, I will continue to follow this story until the end in my own way. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Thank you. Not just for this, but for everything. I’m still absolutely blown away by this, just how much is going on so far. I fully accept that the words from my favorite paranoid android will come to pass:

      “This will all end in tears, I just know it”

      The people I’m meeting along the way have been a massive inspiration to me, to see such creativity and passion from ALL sides of this. OSDM and BOS, participants and creators. I am eternally grateful to have become part of “The One” and am full of excited dread at what’s to come.

      …..wait, costumes?

      *Pictures Noah in a turkey costume, drink in hand*

      can we make this happen?

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      Thank you so much @the-creators for taking these endless risks for us. You put yourselves out there and ask us to do the same every day. Your experimenting is why we love you.

      Appreciate everything you’re doing, and I hope that you continue to challenge us throughout whatever this turns out to be.

      Know I’ll kick myself for saying it, but bring on the pain.

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      What a great message.

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Thank you for all that you’ve done for us, for trusting and believing in us and allowing us to trust and believe in you.
      And thank you for being innovators and mind fuckers and creative social engineering evil geniuses that so many others for years to come will try to emulate.
      I understand that this is not a safe space, this is a experimentation in tapping into raw emotion. Not for the OSDM’s creepy files, but for us. For ourselves.

      So keep on keeping on. I’m enjoying the hell out of this ride.

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      So, unsurprisingly, I have a thoughts on this. Two thoughts to be exact…

      Firstly, in reference to us all being on stage – I now feel like I’ve been pushed off the stage altogether. Distance was the only hurdle I thought I had to overcome, but apparently not. Now it seems my only options are to either sit with the audience and observe from a distance or to leave the auditorium. I’m undecided as to which of those I will pick.

      Which ties in to my second thought – when all this ends, we will all look around us and find that we are alone. Or at least I know I will. Friendships don’t last. It will just be me and my actions and decisions and whether I stuck to my guns…

      I realise none of this really matters in the grand scheme of things. I fully support the story and the art and know that it will continue to break boundaries and hearts. I just can’t sit here and smile while everyone sings kum-bai-yah and holds hands around the campfire.

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      Thank you for those words of wisdom @the-creators. I shall continue to participate as best I can.

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      Thank you for everything, @the-creators. I look forward to all of our eventual sacrifices.

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       Brian E

      I have strong feelings in game and out of game about recent events, and haven’t really shared them thanks to a brilliant breakdown by @daela I don’t need to cause I understand what happened now to a degree.
      I’m left with this thought this is what we all asked for, “the unknown” , and this has been given to us in spades.

      Thank you for this:
      Glory Be!

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      Thank you for this wild ride!

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      Thanks @the-creators for speaking on the issue. I for one missed it but am so excited to be back. I’ve missed this chaos and everyone involved. Can we have a get together please!!

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      @the-creators thank you, I sure as shit know I needed to hear it.

      And I say this as much for myself as everyone else: Experiences push and change us. But experiences end. We don’t. I hate to see anyone give up on us.

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      @nothenrygale you’ll have to wait until I do @111error ‘s (mother fucker) card. (you bitch)

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      If there are wounds, time will heal them, because that’s what time does. The most worthwhile experiences are the ones you share. In twenty years all that will matter is that we’ve been given the greatest gift: being able to say we were there when the world changed. Thank you, as always, for your creativity and generosity.

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      I’m still processing the events from this weekend, but I wanted to thank @the-creators for everything they do. Lots of it has never been done before, and it’s for your innovative storytelling that I’m here. As with @blondie, in participating from far away, and I hold out hope that our contributions will help wind the clock even though we can’t be there in person.

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      @the-creators Thrilling! I look forward to what comes next.

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       Michael Rizzo

      Dig this a lot @the-creators

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      /me looks to her right


      /me looks to her left



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       Taylor Winters

      In immersive experiences, there is a very fine line that must be walked in order to push participants to the point of making them grow, test friendships to the point of being strengthened, and build a community without tearing it apart. This is a brand new art form, a new frontier, that we are all journeying on together. We all will make mistakes–players, communities, and creators alike–but we must learn from them and move forward, stronger.

      , you have pioneered this medium and elevated it to a level that others could only dream of. I will follow you, and continue to follow you. Please continue to innovate, try new things, fail, and succeed. I will be there to support you through all of that.

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      @taysavestheday you know that only a fraction of immersive theatre is about “pushing participants,” right? By FAR the best immersive theatre I’ve seen is Third Rail Project’s “Learning Curve,” which had nothing to do with pushing participants at all, and was just a beautiful and well-crafted piece of incredibly moving art. I was in tears through most of it – not something I can say for any other piece of immersive theatre.

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       Taylor Winters

      Hi @coryphella, you make a good point. I should have been more specific. I wish I could have seen Learning Curve–I heard wonderful things. Some of my favorites have pushed me, made me a better person, made me stronger, or made me realize something new about myself. But others made me feel something strongly without pushing me. Thanks for always keeping me on my toes!

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