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      A while ago the home page added implied soon-to-be links. Video, timeline, events, registration and more. That felt very event driven, almost main stream.
      So far they are still inactive. Any theories on this?
      Who is running the website and put these up? Are they even relevant now? Was it the investors with their plans to expand the ARG/immersive theater (are you enjoying Lust?) experience to make/recoup $ through direct sales (not unlike selling merch at registration)?
      Where are the investors? Are they even relevant now?
      “Look here, I’m important. Nope, nevermind, I’m leaving and no longer relevant”. And again, and again. Multiple parties taking over and then passing the baton.
      The website is where we come to discuss everything.
      Who is in charge of it (today)?

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      Wait until 1 o’clock California time on June 30. This might make more sense then.

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