Call from Horace – 7/24

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      So I got a call from Horace? But it sounded like Noah? So I’m a bit confused?
      Only putting in some of the conversation, some parts I’m keeping to myself or don’t think it’s necessary to put.
      Note that anytime he asked there was contact he added if it was in person or digital- any sort of contact. He also kept calling me Kenny, which is an obvious power move but I literally don’t care when people call me by the wrong name/spell it wrong. Too much effort into correcting them, not worth my time.

      I recorded the conversation, but it’s difficult to make out what he was saying on the other end. More or less this is the conversation –

      “Is this Kenny?” (I think they said Kenny)
      “Who is this then?”
      “This is Kortney.”
      “Well Kortney how is your evening?”
      “I’m good, how are you-”
      “You’ll be surprised that I’m calling Kenny, are you familiar with Morgan Rooms- do you know him?”
      “My time is more valuable than you could possibly imagine. Please answer yes or no to the following questions… Did you have any personal contact with Morgan Rooms in the last 48 hours?”
      “Did you have any contact with my son in the past 48 hours?”
      “Who’s your son?”
      (Laughs) “This is Horace.”
      (This was confusing cause it sounded like Noah, and I was like “wtf is Timothy doing contacting people?”)
      “Oh- No I haven’t.”
      “Has anyone in your community have had contact with him in the past 48 hours?”
      “Has anyone in your community had direct contact with the creators in the last 48 hours?”
      “The direct creators? Not as far as I am aware.”
      “Yes or no.”
      “Not as far as I am aware.”
      (Asks again)
      “No I don’t think they have had any contact with anyone- not the direct creators.”
      “Do you know if Morgan Rooms had any contact with the direct creators before his little shin dig a few weeks ago?”
      “Well- I’m assuming.”
      “You know what? You’ve actually been a help. You should think about joining The System.”
      “I’ve already signed up.”
      (Think they hung up before they heard me say it).

      Biiiitch I’m ready to start fires. I’m not sure why they’re wanting to know about anyone who has contacted people- they should be able to find that out pretty easily I would assume. Also not sure why they’d ask me, besides the fact that I’ll tell them cause I’m for them.
      But yeah. That happened.
      Watch your back @111error – The System is certainly watching it.

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      If it sounded like Noah, it might have actually been him posing as his dad for whatever reason. But if it actually was Horace, the fact that he called at all to ask what he asked makes me think things aren’t going too smoothly at The System HQ.

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      Horace and Noah never haven’t event really seemed to be quite on the same page. Sounds like those phone calls over the weekend may have been Noah having a bit of unsanctioned fun.

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       Michael Rizzo

      If you got the big bad looking for you, that’s got to be one way to know you’re doing something right

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      Or it could be another test, as I suspect @shankfx22 had earlier.

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      Did any of you guys make me a liar? Did anyone have contact with The Creators or Noah? I’ll fucking murder you.

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      Noah called @bcbishop earlier today, but I’m sure you could not count that one as contact because Bryan was pretty sure it was a recorded message.

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      Several people also heard from Noah over the weekend, too. The Creators, not that I recall.

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       Hannah Schenck

      Could have been Noah posing as Horace, absolutely. Horace could feel very threatened by @111error and have plans or intentions to stop him before he gets too much leverage. Noah may actually see eye to eye with Morgan and either be trying to interfere with his father getting ahold of Morgan, or maybe Morgan is his ticket to ruling over his father. Perhaps Noah sees Morgan as an asset more than anything to help him acheieve his ultimate goal.

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       Lauren Bello

      If Noah, Morgan, and the creators have all gone off Horace’s radar within the last 48 hours…something’s brewing.

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       Taylor Winters

      Noah and Horace do sound similar. They are related after all. When I was at SDCC, I mistook Noah’s call for Horace–albeit it was very loud there.

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      These questions are very similar to what Joyce asked of @wanda102, @bcbishop, and myself. While she was asking us, I never really got the sense that she didn’t know how we were going to answer. This feels similar to that, but I suppose it can’t be ruled out that Horace was actually fishing for more information.

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      We got those calls from Noah go out on the 22nd.

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      I took all those calls to be longer than 48 hours ago. Bad math?

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       Lauren Bello

      No, you’re right – I believe those were all well before 9:55pm on Saturday.

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