BoS message syntax analysis

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      See examples:

      A: |||AN16-B805

      C: |||CN71-B805



      Morgan: |||KM79-B805

      Components, using A as the example

      – ||| = prefix, possibly message medium? Indication of which “code book” is being referenced? Present in all messages

      – A = Message sender. First two make sense. Why K for Morgan? K = King?

      – N16 = Message indicator. Letter : number sequence suggests lookup tables being used, makes sense for message sending so that the codes don’t mean anything unless lookup tables are present on both sender and receiver side

      – B805 = Present in all messages, I assume that the suffix refers to what organization is sending the message. This is the part that I’m curious about, because why would BOS entities need to identify themselves to each other? If they are using infrastructure set up by previous entities, perhaps this is normally where chapters of The Order identify themselves?

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      K = Kiro = Morgan?

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        Apparently, the meaning of the name “Kiro” (including variants such as Kairo, Kyro, and Kero) is “master”, “lord”, “king”, and/or “victorious one”.

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