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       Lauren Bello

      So you signed up for The Lust Experience: Anointment, you went to the event, and you left with questions. You have a few options!

      Read the welcome and brief recap here.

      Dive deep with the Timeline here.

      Or, ask questions on this thread and we’ll be happy to answer. A caveat, though: we never really know anything for sure. Any day the rug could be pulled out from under us, and everything we THINK we know might be proven to be wrong. These answers are not necessarily 100% canon…or may not be for long.


      Q: That British guy who welcomed us was saying we were riding a different shuttle with a different driver or something? I don’t really get it. Did I not just go to Anointment, the thing I bought tickets for?
      A: As far as we know, there have been TWO events this past weekend. A marketed and publicized event, which you bought tickets for. And an “off-site” event, where the real shit went down. The main event was a theatrical event, with regulations and permits and tickets. If you spoke with Morgan (the British guy in the parking lot), that means you were re-directed to the off-site event. Something secret and off the books. As far as we know, you have glimpsed the real OSDM.***

      A: WTF, who redirected us?
      Q: BOS, aka The Resistance, aka The Midnight Commission. I know, it can be hard to keep track. They’ve been battling with the OSDM for control over various email addresses, contact lists, Slack accounts, and more. They prevented the OSDM email with the “theatrical” address from reaching you, and sent out their own email so they could get you to the real event’s pickup location.

      Q: What’s the OSDM again? I think someone mentioned it but I didn’t really follow.
      A: They’re a secret, some would say sinister, international cabal trying to bring the god Anoch to earth. They’ve been collecting data on all of us – digital and emotional data – and we’re still not entirely sure what it’s all for. The OSDM appears to believe that unleashing desires and living with abandon will ultimately lead to Anoch bringing His darkness to the world.

      Q: And why did BOS redirect us to the OSDM’s real ritual again?
      A: BOS has been talking about how dangerous the OSDM is for a while. They figured it was time for us to see for ourselves.

      Q: OK, so what was the point of the masks? Who did the OSDM *think* we were?
      A: They thought you were new members. That’s why they were teasing you and showing you around. They thought you were fresh blood.***

      Q: I mean, they didn’t seem THAT bad. A little sexually uninhibited maybe. But why should I want to shut them down?
      A: If you’re pro-OSDM, you’re not the only one! It’s possible that you weren’t particularly troubled by anything you saw. If that’s the case, speak up. There’s plenty of healthy debate to be had.

      Q: So, that ritual at the end. On the bed. What was it they were trying to do, exactly?
      A: They were trying to conceive the human incarnation of the god Anoch.

      Q: That seems kind of random? Why involve us, perfect strangers?
      A: Not sure, but they’re all about bloodlines. New members bring new DNA with new potential to be Anoch. We also think that the time of year was very important to the ritual. They may have simply wanted to try to procreate as many times as possible during that time of year.

      Q: Who was the dude who interrupted everything? And stood on the bed?
      A: That was Noah Sinclair. He’s the son of Horace Sinclair, who seems to be in charge of the whole thing. Noah’s the prodigal son – always rebelling and causing trouble for the OSDM.

      Q: So wait, Noah keeps interrupting the same ritual night after night? That seems kind of staged. Shouldn’t he have just…interrupted it once at the first show…and then after that they’d either stop trying or lock the door so he couldn’t get in or something?
      A: That’s a great point.

      Q: And those drugs they gave us definitely weren’t real. Wouldn’t they be real if that was the real OSDM?
      A: That’s a great point.

      Q: And what happened to their REAL new members? Did they just not show up? Were they directed to a different location?
      A: Great question. We don’t know.

      Q: And hold on, we were supposed to go in secretly, but the OSDM definitely recognized some people in my group…
      A: Ok, you’re getting it.

      This is the heart of Lust: arguing about what’s real and what’s fake. Was everything staged? Was part of it staged but part of it real? Was it staged but forced at gunpoint to be staged so the actors and producers were still under duress? We don’t know!

      But we can still gather clues, question motivations, and search for crumbs of truth.

      Welcome to Lust. We know nothing.

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      Welcome to Lust. We know nothing.


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       Unseen Presence

      The most amazing Q & A ever, @daela!

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      This is amazing @daela ????

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      BRAVA, @daela!

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      <3 <3 <3 this is amazing, @daela

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