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      Obviously our introduction to Lust has been epic.

      People have made several different observations about the website (, from the clocks to the icon at the bottom of the page.

      My question is this:

      Is there anything we should be keeping an eye out for?
      I remember reading, last season, about the discovery of Periscope (as a means of communication).

      Do you think there’s something we are missing? That once we find it will kick off the next thing? Or do we just… wait?

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      Also- Has anyone else received strange calls from different locations?

      I’ve had 4 calls today (odd) that I ignored, and it just occurred to me that they might be related to LUST.

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      We should always be looking for a “key” to the next section. However, sometimes there isn’t one and we need to wait for the next development. Personally, I believe that right now it’s the latter instead of the former.

      I don’t believe anyone’s gone public saying they’ve received calls yet but it wouldn’t be out of character for The Powers That Be to start calling

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      @hazelverse – I’m not sure about the phone calls. I haven’t seen anything that’s taken our phone numbers yet. Although that could just be because I didn’t do Tension last year, maybe if you did they still have your number and are starting the calls.

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        Sean- Always on top of it.

        Chloe- Good catch! There hasn’t been a real opportunity for new participants to give out that info… so now it’s extra weird… hmmmm… lol

        Izryn- Oh, yeah, duh… lol

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      I agree with @thegilded, the next step is probably waiting for Sinclair to get back to us, on his own time of course. We’re *obviously* too unimportant for him to give his immediate attention.

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       Kyle Bown

      Almost immediately after hitting send I got a call, but I think it was legit telemarketer. they told me that after staying at one of their resorts I had won a trip to Florida and a cruise.

      I am new this year, so didn’t fill out the questionnaire last time, but my phone number is in my email signature. so they definitely have that if they wanted it.

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         Max Z

        I swear this “nothing is a coincidence” thing is in my head so deep I’m going to end up signing up for 90 spam e-mail lists and accepting 200 legit telemarketing calls thinking that it’s “in game” before it’s all over

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        Dun dun DUUUUUUUUNNNNNN 😉

        I love that this section is literally called speculations. It’s so fun when it’s not “real life”… or is it…

        Ready to be mind fucked (in every sense).

        Because let’s be real… spam calls are pretty mundane… but not when LUST is in blooooom. 😉

        Max- I knooooow right?

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