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      How does one go about getting an activation key?

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      @maryellison911 – Which activation key are you referring to?

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      When I got the registration email from LUST it would not let me complete the application without an activation key. Now the page disappeared
      . Thanks for your reply.

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      Oh weird.

      Well, glad to see you made it in

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      Now it’s back:


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      Why the f*ck is my profile picture there?!

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      How are you getting to that page?

      When I go to it, it redirects me to the main page with no problems

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      @mkarrett – The link Mary posted is an active iframe instead of a picture. So we aren’t seeing what she sees, we’re seeing our own browser redirect that she apparently isn’t getting

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      Bizarre. Anyway, Sean, this is the link that was sent to my personal email when I tried to register. I have no idea what it means. I hope to get to participate to the fullest. Thank you for always being there.

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      @maryellison911 – No problem. The links we were sent are one-time use only, so if you try to use them again it’ll redirect you to that weird page. If you’re here, you’re already good to go.

      Just avoid using that link in the email from here on out and you’ll stop seeing it.

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      @thegilded You are literally indispensable.

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