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       Michael Rizzo

      I’ve always tried to “play” this game with the same morals I carry in my personal life. In tension, I joined BOS because the OOA were the bad guys. In Lust I continued with BOS because well, they were still the good guys. Sabs was a big reason because she is/was super rad until we all found out she came back to the Osdm. I wrote a big email to Morgan for the TMC event, explaining that I hated seeing a friend turn into something different because of the effects some fictional organization did to her. If was truly disheartening to see that happen, and I got to say kudos to TPTB for making me feel that way. But then I woke up this morning and found myself watching a video of my friend. He barely even looked like my friend anymore. He looked exhausted, hurt, and beat down. But this wasn’t because some organization that’s trying to create a god brainwashed him… this was because he wanted to be part of a theater group that took us on a ride a year before, he wanted to have fun and help elevate this experience to a more personal level for so many of us. Sure, he succeeded, but at what cost? To be pushed around, stepped on, talked down to, all while spending hours into the night putting his all into whatever bullshit promo they needed. Morgan was someone who was never afraid to say or do what he wanted, he paved his own roads and pummeled down them at top speed. I know others can agree to that. So you can imagine my surprise to hear what he said this morning. How this man who so proudly marched to his own beat was now running around like a dog, doing everything and anything that they asked of him, even if nearly physically impossible. They snapped their fingers, he would be there like a pet. That was not my friend. I have no doubt he’ll get back to being his grumpy old self, but he should never have even been in that position in the first place. And when he finally reveals his hurt, he’s given a threat of lawsuit?

      So that being said, I have to step away from this “Experience”. As I said, I always tried to “play” this game like I would in real life, and well. This is real life. I don’t, nor will I ever feel comfortable contributing to a company that does this sort of damage on human being, much less my friend. If I don’t like how a company acts, I refuse to give them my patronage. Simple as that.

      I’m sure some people will tell me how we need to stay and fight THEM. How we need to stick together and unite. But by doing what? Picking up the phone any time they call? By dipping out of our normal lives and killing plans in a heartbeat all to get to downtown for some pop up show? By writing on their forums to show investors there’s still money in this thing? By BUYING tickets and handing them money? Yea, I’m cool off that.

      This shit is real and it’s already happened to someone. The game is still going but let’s face it, we lost. One person being emotionally and mentally destroyed from this is enough for me to say lates. You don’t need a slack or a game to stay a community, you just need to be there for each other. You just need to not deal with petty high school bs and support each other. By continuing to support “The Experiences”, I would be refusing to support my actual friend.

      I’m sure I’ll see all you beautiful pitos around, LA ain’t that big.

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       Tim Redman

      Morgan and Rizzo won’t be the first or last serious participants to take leave here. Unless time and money are no object, none of this will sustain. Without paying “satisfied” customers, this will all end.

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