3/3 & 3/5/18 – Actions taken, and a Response

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       Kyle Bown

      Seems that whatever happened to the site nuked my post from the other day. Also, the site was down when I received a call on Monday. So I’m posting both of those here, now, for posterity.

      So a bit of backstory first.

      Months ago, just after the Joyce incident. I was sent by Horace to get a message from him at Black Market Liquor Bar. Turned out a friend of mine was working there. Her name is Molly. She gave me Horace’s message (two pieces of paper with the word fuck written on them). Molly gave me the message with a warning to get out. I texted her after leaving and she told me to leave her alone.

      Approximately 6 weeks later she auditioned for a show I was working on. I texted her after her audition and got a reprimand from that version of “A.”

      Those two text exchanges will be attached at the very end of this post.
      Cut to last weekend:
      In light of recent discussions, I decided to push Molly to get some answers. I knew she wouldn’t give them, but thought she may know who could.

      Me: Molly. I know I’m not supposed to talk to you, but frankly I don’t give a damn. I don’t know how deep in you are, or if you’re really a part of all of this. But I do know someone asked you to give me the message with the fluffernutter. I want to know who it was, and I want to meet them.

      Molly: You still have no concept what this even this. You still think it’s a game. I told you to walk away months ago and here you still are poking a bear with a stick. The only way out now is through.

      Me: I’m not the best at taking direction. I’ve heard the warning. I’m choosing to ignore it. I’m in. I’m going through. If you’re not willing to say anything, then pass on my message. Whoever your handler is, I want to meet them.

      Molly: You don’t want me to do that.

      Me: I do, actually. I really do.

      Molly: It is done.
      That was around 6pm this evening. Then, at 9:40 I got a call. I believe it was Molly. Confirming I wanted to meet her boss. I said yes. “I’ll arrange it.”
      And she hung up.

      Half an hour later, another call. This one just music. Figured I should maybe post after that.

      Two days later, another call. This time it said “Unknown Caller” instead of the usual No Caller ID. It was a man. Later than usual, approx. 11:48pm. Short and to the point.

      Him: “I hear you want to meet with him.”
      Me: “Yes. I do.”
      Him: “What are your intentions?”
      Me: “Understanding. Knowledge.”

      And here we are.

      Images of text conversations:
      Molly 1

      • This topic was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by Kyle Bown.
      • This topic was modified 6 years, 2 months ago by Kyle Bown.
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      Again, a very bold move. I commend you.

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