3/19/18 – JP's leaked video

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       Lauren Bello

      Link to JP leaked video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OhAzx54tnl3HW1NClVjGn22HL2rDeB0d

      Transcript of the dialogue that takes place AFTER Morgan’s resignation:

      Noah: Is it off?

      Morgan: Left it on so you can edit.

      N: You alright buddy?

      M: Yeah. I’m in fucking control.

      N: Yeah? Sure you are. You’ve been in control since Sabrina took your fucking name tag, eh? ’S that how long you’ve been with us, huh? How long has it been going on?

      M: I’ve been here a long time now.

      N: Yes you have. Fuck me. Somebody keep him (from?) drooling again. Get him in the fucking hot tub or bathtub. (sits) Somebody clear with Sarah that she’s available for that whole itinerary. Yes, every fucking one. Chicago, New Orleans, Florida, Vegas, don’t forget fucking Vegas. If I can’t stop this thing from coming in before it’s born, we’ll make damn sure the whole fucking world is burning before it arrives.

      D: Get the helmet on him. Now. Turn it off.

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       John Sawyer

      Here’s the first part (All Morgan):

      I’m putting this on my Facebook because I want my real friends to see it and you know who you are
      I’m sick of this fucking narrative. I’m sick of the story that’s being told. I’m sick of how I’m being treated
      Yeah, yeah some of these feelings have leaked out over the last week and fucking sue me
      I am tired. I’m physically tired I’m emotionally fucking spent
      I am bored.
      I’m sick of being woken up at four in the fucking morning. Make this fucking post or make this robot call this fucking person.
      Uh, I… wonder if it was all worth it and then last night I see them burning some papers
      Burning some papers
      I’ve lost a lot by coming to LA.
      I’ve gained very little. I didn’t get paid for most of this shit I do
      In fact I… barely any
      So disrespected, so mistreated
      Half the time I don’t know where I stand or if these are friends
      Um, I don’t like seeing what’s happening to the community.
      And I can’t stand feeling like I’ve been part of that
      Think there’s always a danger when you’re telling a story that is dark
      It’s a horror film
      And then people get what was promised and they freak out and they worry and they forget what this is
      It’s terrible feeling so complicit in that
      I’ve let a lot of people down. I’ve left friendship circles I’ve left whole other communities to do this and I regret a lot
      In fact I regret almost everything
      Which is why… I’m done. I really think I’m done.
      This will be a great thing for some people. You know, I’m just a shit actor, with a shit character
      A pox on the community.
      So yeah, you guys can fucking celebrate.
      I’m done, I’m over this, I’m really over this. It’s just not worth it. It’s just not worth it

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       Lauren Bello

      Questions this raises:

      – Noah said Morgan had been “with us” (OSDM?) since Sabrina took his name tag. This was a reference to 2016’s Ringing of the Bells/donut mixer event, where Morgan and I were missing name tags when we arrived. We were given handwritten name tags which we carried in our hands. I know that several community members at that time were taken away and helmeted, but I can’t remember if he was one of them. Can anyone else recall?

      – So wait, Sabrina *took* his name tag? Why? And did she take mine too?

      – Why does Noah think that burning the world will help stop Anoch from arriving, or will make things better once Anoch arrives?

      – How does Noah intend to burn the world?

      – If Darren and Noah are working together, why couldn’t Morgan also work with them? Why do they have to helmet him? What are they doing that regular, unhelmeted Morgan would disagree with?

      – In October 2017, Morgan seemed to be realizing the truth. He was panicking, questioning everything, calling people, saying he felt like he was losing track of what was IG and what was OOG. I think it’s possible that this was real Morgan, our Morgan. He had been helmeted, but he was fighting it, seeing glimpses of the truth. Relevant links here:

      10/15 Short Call from Morgan

      Call from Morgan 11/16/17

      Call with a Threat from Mason – 10.20.17

      10.24.17 – Morgan on Slack, IG, and OOG

      – The helmet has long been scoffed at by participants, but this is confirmation that it is real. I’m going to write up a post about what we know about the helmet, but this raises the question – if the helmet is real, how do we KNOW that anyone with the OSDM is truly with the OSDM? Could Sabrina simply have been helmeted? Is there anyone else whose behavior has been inconsistent, or who has seemed to be slowly breaking down, who might be helmeted?

      – Was A real? Or B, or C? Was anything A said about the Resistance real?

      – Who was L? Who was Morgan’s old friend JWilliams? Why was L warning Morgan about keeping his mouth shut – surely if Morgan was being helmetted they wouldn’t have to worry about that? Why was JWilliams searching for him?

      – Were Stacey and Jenna and Macy real?

      – Was the System Five alliance a real thing? Was Noah truly trying to prepare us to face the darkness? If not, what was his goal?

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       Lauren Bello

      I just want to take a moment to remember how Morgan reacted, back when we began to realize that Sabrina was being helmeted.


      Do you know what darkness is?
      I don’t mean the swaying of soft shadows on a path, or the eery depth of a cold night sky, but true darkness; When something is so devoid of light that it can pass unseen in front of you.
      Could you recognize true darkness if it was near you now?

      Today, a girl, distraught and on her knees, was forced to do things against her will, while crying, and while we watched.
      We took pictures, we discussed what was happening, we asked each other who the pictures were – but who amongst you actually cared about that girl?
      Who became angry? Who became sad? Who had an emotion beyond base-level morbid curiosity? Who had an emotion beyond shallow excitement?

      This is how darkness wins. This is always how darkness wins.

      I’ve been informed, by an exiled friend, with a message direct from her governing body, that this ritual may have changed Addison, and that she may not ever be the same.
      She may be struggling to stay in control, to hold on to whatever is left of who she was.
      The alternative, I am told, is no better.

      So why are we so accepting of this? Acceptance to a point of such broad, quiet consent, that we’ve already been distracted by shinier things.
      Like so many commuters slowing down to pass a car wreck, hoping to see the mangled remains of what was once a human like us; Why do we stare?
      I thought we were supposed to be better than this.

      We deserve answers, and verifiable truth.
      We deserve full illumination of the fog and mystery.
      She deserves more support than we’re giving her.

      Without a more forthcoming explanation, some of us will become that same consuming darkness.
      We will turn away from light and feeble explanation, and instead look inwards, to feed the demons that fuel our rage.
      God help you. All of you.

      This is how darkness wins. This is always how darkness wins.

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      – Do we know for sure that the person being helmeted at the end of the video is Morgan? He didn’t look like he was about to drool or anything
      – Noah seems pleased by Morgan’s FB live is the video part of burning the world?
      – Does Noah want us all to leave so there is no one to engage with when the baby arrives?

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      everyone seems so…tired.

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      I don’t really know the best place to put this. Here makes sense…maybe?

      It’s been a long, strange four or five days. It started with Irene and her phrase: “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.” I’ve gone back and forth on that since. On one hand, it’s totally true. On the other, we still have agency and the ability to make choices and we can think for ourselves.

      Then came the mess that was Thursday afternoon. Deception, making choices only to have them immediately explode, and everything else. Then the burning of the papers. Then everything with Morgan on Saturday. It was all off. So much was happening and everything felt just slightly askew. Not wrong enough that I could put my finger on it, but not quite right either. That same feeling moved to me too. As I tried to process it all, my feelings shifted, kept falling through my fingers.

      Today we got more information from JP, still a total unknown. He revealed that Morgan had been helmeted for some time. The implications of this are staggering. I wasn’t surprised, BOS as an OSDM construct is something I’d felt for a long time. Maybe it wasn’t exactly the form I had suspected, but there it was. Talk about a hollow victory. Same funny feeling crept back in.

      Frankly, I don’t know how to feel about any of this. It’s just a handful of emotions tossed together and shaken up. Sadness, a sense of dejectedness is maybe more accurate, keeps coming up more often though. A number of people have walked and I’ll miss them all for different reasons, but Bryan most of all. Some people might be happy they’re gone, but I appreciated the insight they all brought.

      As for Morgan, I don’t know how to feel there either. I don’t know what there is to do. If there’s anything that can be done. I don’t even know what outcome I want. That alone makes me uneasy.

      I will say this though. I’ve always been exceedingly skeptical of the helmet and I still am. I’d argue the mere mention of the helmet (and whether it’s effects are true or not might not make a difference here) served one purpose. “A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.” Just the thought of Morgan being helmeted is enough to keep people going. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. It keeps people focused on that, just as BOS did last year, just as BOS did this year.

      The parallels don’t stop there. By seeding the idea of Morgan being helmeted and under control of someone else, it brings us all the way back to Addison Barrow. People will push on, damn their safety, to rescue Morgan. Just as they did with Addison. Morgan is perhaps even more effective, he’s not a damsel-in-distress, he’s our friend. What better way to keep our focus where they want it.

      I don’t know why they want us looking there except for that they’re doing something else somewhere else. We don’t have any real leads or ways in except for JP at the moment. And if the last few days are any indication, things are about to get a hell of a lot worse. We can only push on and maybe along the way we’ll burn the virus out, but it’s going to be a hard _path to tread.

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      I have a small group of very close friends in Lust, and within that group there is/was a group of four that chatted constantly in the months leading up to November of last year. Mike F., Michelle, Bryan, and me. I considered them my closest friends here. Those were the people targeted when I was missing. Then Mike left and our communications have been weird and distant since. Bryan is out, though we still talk all the time (and he is out, for real, for those of you who doubt).

      I’m still here and not going anywhere yet, but it’s going to be really difficult to do this without Bryan. Lust has in various ways done a damn good job of making me feel very alone. And I will do anything I can to keep Michelle from quitting. 🙂

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