3/16 – Pleasant call with Irene

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      I got the “nicest” call from Irene. She talked some shit but I actually kinda appreciated her doom and gloom. Transcript is paraphrased:

      Irene – Is this Sean? Sean Rich?
      Me – Yes it is
      I – This is Irene
      M – Oh it’s so nice to finally hear from you
      I – A pleasure to finally speak with you. I understand that you help with The Lust Experience? Run the boards and help with…. ah.. what is it called… Slack?
      M – I provide technical and community support, yes. Is there something I can help you with?
      I – I bet you think you’re high and mighty with your keyboard, there. You’re going to fall, just like the rest of them. You’re standing on the same ice as they are. And the ice is cracking.
      M – It’s been a pleasure speaking– *Line disconnected*

      Her tone of voice seemed so pleasant in the beginning. Cordial, but not necessarily kind. A number of times she’d pause for the briefest fraction of a section and I’d try to say something, but she’d roll past me in the way that suggests that she outright knew herself to be better than me, and indeed better than most. It indicated to me that she was accustomed to speaking down to people, presumably from having few, if any equals.

      In truth I don’t remember if she explicitly said “The Lust Experience”. She may have just said “the boards”. She paused for a bit before remembering “Slack”, the same way that I would pause to remember a fact that barely mattered to me.

      Nice woman, I hope to get the chance to speak with her again.

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       Kyle Bown

      There she is!

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       Unseen Presence

      That call makes so much sense. Rich people don’t know what the hell Slack is. That’s what peons like us use to complain about people like them.

      But I -do- find it a little interesting that she called you specifically to berate you like that.

      A) It suggests that she could be a little petty.
      B) Or perhaps the threat was designed to generate a specific reaction from you–or from someone else.
      C) Or perhaps the entire call was really designed to push forward the idea that “Doomed! Doomed! We’re all doomed!” Although that push doesn’t necessarily make a lot of sense, given that @c is the one telling us the sky is falling. One would assume that Irene would not make the same argument…and yet, here we are.
      D) Or perhaps “Omega” simply means “Those Who Are Reapers”–as in, these are the ones who show up when there’s literally -nothing else- they need from you.

      If that’s the case, then that’s why she popped out of the darkness. Because it no longer matters WHAT we do–The End is coming, and for us it’s already a foregone conclusion.

      Note: I don’t believe this last one to be accurate. But it’s an idea.

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      My read into it is that Irene barely gives a shit about us. We’re beneath her. She wants to tell us that we’re all fucked, and what would a rich fucker do if she wants to tell the whole store that they’re fired? She goes and tells the manager, who will tell the rest and also will know that any tiny position of power or authority anyone has won’t save them.

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       Unseen Presence

      Except if we’re so beneath her, why tell us that at all?

      In my experience, people in power ONLY tell those beneath them things that they want them to know. So if we’re actually that low compared to her–if we’re only happy because…

      Oh, that’s good.

      That’s very good, Irene.

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       Robert Fuller

      A series of words. At a specific location. To secure compliance.

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