2/20/18 – Calls following the TeamME conflict

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       John Sawyer

      Shortly following my post in the Sides thread I got a call, but it looks like it’s another full round that plays alongside the new video and is in reaction to our discussions, and particularly the new hashtags and resistance theme.

      I believe it (the call) was pro-OSDM but the caller, she (younger, I am not yet well enough versed to recognize caller voices, I believe I recall hearing the voice at the MSE but you could tell me I’m wrong and I’d believe you) started out asking me if I knew what the opposite of love is. I replied ‘apathy,’ recalling the various sayings. Then pause, silence, I try again, ‘some would say hate.’ Answer: ‘no, it’s nothing.’ I believe I’ve set her on the wrong foot, she recovers with aggression.

      Claim that “they” love the OSDM, because they hate it. That tracks with some of our conjecture, and my own, that an oppositional group is too strongly defined by what they oppose.

      That ‘we’ (the caller’s faction) have gone underground, and are everywhere because we’re nowhere, and that we’ll only find out what their involvement is when they let us know. I (we? The word was ‘you’) can keep making our videos, using our hashtags, implication that we’re just involved in self pleasure here rather than anything meaningful.

      Did I understand?

      Yes, I’m being talked in circles, I understand, and that she/they want to take credit for chance… I was hung up on here.

      There’s more in terms of actual words spoken, but that’s the gist I got. If I’m missing the point they’ll need a more credible mouthpiece with faster access to recording of their phone calls. Shame, since I feel like a slightly less mysterious contact with a persuasive rather than combative stance and the same message could have elicited a positive response.

      Hopefully we’ll be able to compare notes.

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      So salty, @cerril. Focus on the message over the tone, though. Sounds like I owe Brad an apology, though he probably won’t like how we came to it. Silent, but not quite gone.

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       Nate Marcum

      I had a very similar experience. Younger-sounding woman, asked about the opposite of love; she said “nothing”, I also said apathy. She blathered about the themes of “they love us because they hate us” hooha. Said keep making your videos, blah blah blah. Also said they’d used all their resources to become nothing, and simultaneously back to being everything. She said if they got bored, they’d tear down what they’d built out from under those who’d helped them build, and that those people wouldn’t even know who’d done so unless they graciously explained themselves. Then she abruptly and obnoxiously ended the call.
      The “nothing and everything” concerns me. Obviously they’ve become nothing in that they appear to be gone and are off the radar. But to be everything? BOS was initially a ploy, a creation of the opposition. And now I’m concerned as to whether or not “being everything” entails owning the resistance again.

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         Unseen Presence


        Those calls sound, frankly, like a bit of hogwash to me. Mostly because I’ve wanted to say that sentence all my life.

        In all sincerity, those calls have the same ‘promising all, giving nothing’ aspect that the recent Morgan updates have given. So I’ll give the same response to these calls:

        Perhaps the OSDM is happily churning along under the surface, slipping back under the water line and happy as a clam. Perhaps they truly have claimed the resistance again.


        But I don’t honestly think the OSDM is in as great shape as they want to claim, just as I don’t think the BOS is as all-fired capable of doing any of the goals it wants. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

        It’s the REAL curtain I want to see behind. I think, currently, the OSDM is the best group to align myself alongside (if people would prefer that rather than ‘with’. I think it’s a largely semantic difference.) The BOS appears to want to expose the ‘truth’ of the OSDM by showing their lies and atrocities.

        If they can accomplish that, more power to them. But that’s not, IMO, the ‘truth’.

        That’s the -outcomes- of the truths they have found, or think they’ve found. The truth is what MAKES them take those actions, not the actions themselves.

        That’s where I’m trying to get to, in whatever fashion and path I can get there.

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       Robert Fuller

      You’re all wrong. The opposite of love is hate. Apathy is merely the absence of love and nothing is just nothing. You can’t just make up your own antonyms!

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      @nate31464 Have you given your info to anyone but BOS?

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         John Sawyer

        See, I wondered the same thing. I don’t consider my info to be all that likely to be private, but the address I’ve provided my info to is the same one that ended up with a lot of people getting calls from Morgan, so there’s definitely still some information leaking.

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        @cerril Did you go through Anointment though?

        Should have been more specific, was talking only really about your phone number.

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         John Sawyer

        Yeah. That’s what I mean… I participated in Anointment and connecting all that would be pretty trivial, even if my participation -here- and in the slack started well after. I’d assume OSDM has no trouble linking together any accounts and contact information I’ve provided anywhere within reason.

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       Nate Marcum

      @kevin, I mean, I’ve signed up for the site, which is OSDM, right? So I mean I sent my info to the email from the puzzle, and I registered for the Lust site, so I guess I’ve given my info to both?

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       Meghan Mayhem

      Heeeere’s the thing about that. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (or burn it, as it were. But let’s not inflict bodily harm on defenseless pets yes?)
      As I have brought up many times in the past, I used to be associated with anonymous when we were fighting against Scientology.
      There were several of us there for several different reasons. Some were former members. Some giant noise making trolls. Some legitimate anti-cult activists. Some in between. All there for different reasons. Some of them I detested not only for their jar of sludge personalities, but also because I disagreed with their reasonings, but at the end of the day we all had the same general goal which was to expose the cult.

      Many times since we ceased several of us have been told “I guess you lost huh? Because Scientology still exists”
      But the thing these people don’t seem to realize was that our goal was never to eradicate them completely. People are free to believe in whatever they want. Worship whoever they want. Get on their knees for whomever they want.
      Our goal was not to shut down their “religion”.
      It was to expose their seedy underbelly, and what they were getting away with in the name of the religion.

      And that is what I believe the goal of BOS is.
      And the possibility that there may be others with the same goal? Certainly likely.
      During the Anonymous days there were people wearing masks and standing on street corners yelling.
      There were people joining parades and making goofy threatening videos.
      There were people prank calling ORGs and sending nasty letters.
      There were people writing letters to politicians and making phone calls to the press.
      There were people hacking and leaking secret documents.
      There were people running servers and brainstorming upcoming plans of attack in private unreachable chat rooms.
      It takes a village.
      And absolutely some are all about the shouting, the noise, the chaos.
      And some that wanted to remain completely in the shadows.
      But we all had the same goal.

      Our goal was not to eradicate them, but to defang them.
      Take away their power.
      Take away their fearmongering.
      Take away their ability to hurt people with their secrets.
      And I believe we accomplished that goal.
      And I believe we can accomplish this one too.

      So to the people making these phone calls, yes…We do love OSDM because we hate them.
      and yet our goal is still the same.
      At least I hope it is.

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         John Sawyer

        That’s a pretty solid counterargument to my stance – to be TeamBOS doesn’t mean believing IN the same things as everyone else on TeamBOS, only to be against all the same things. I still say it’s important to be very very firm on what ideas put you on that team, in the same sense that anyone who joined Anonymous to be an ‘against’ rather than because the ‘against’ aligned with some of their strongly held ‘for’ beliefs ended up being part of a problem either then or some other problem down the line, rather than a solution. Know when you’re joining why you join, and if their why changes, know that you can stop being a part, without losing your identity, without losing your ‘for.’

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      @meghanmayhem Well said.

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      @meghanmayhem I like that. Exposing the truth is something I can get behind rather than “burning an organization down” that I don’t entirely disagree with. Everything has a positive and negative aspect. There are some positive things I have learned from the OSDM and I’m thankful to them for that. However, I am not a loyal follower; I am not blind to their lies and harmful methods at times. I say take the good and expose the bad. Also, everyone has their own experience..to each their own. Enjoy

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