03/19/18 – New JP Instagram images

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       Brad Ruwe

      I got a notification that the “JP” Instagram account accepted my follow request, something I did back when it first went private. I pull it up to find new messages between Cristen and JP. JP had posted a photo of a tree, to which Cristen replied with a B&W version of Morgan’s post the other day of the cloud. JP then responded with an image of a Los Angeles postcard.

      Not sure if this was a “never silent” or a “let’s make Cristen look SUS” situation, but somebody wanted me to see these new communications that are happening.

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       Brad Ruwe

      Oh, and before I could screenshot the new images, I was removed from the follower account.

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      Adding to the JP insta weirdness, I was scrolling through my feed a few minutes ago, and got a notification that JP was streaming something. I checked the account and saw that I was the only follower besides Cristen. The stream was a black screen, with Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” playing in the background, and occasional driving directions that sounded like google maps. The directions were either “Lake hollywood drive” or “Take hollywood drive”, and “make u-turn at the roundabout.” I sent a few messages in the livestream but didn’t receive a response. Shortly after, I was booted, but others were added as followers.

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