• Russell posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    When is a lie NOT a lie?
    When YOU CHOOSE to believe something without any evidence to support it.
    Because you make your own truth does not make it TRUTH.

    • I hear this loud and clear, friend.

      • @wanda102 The song popped into my head a couple of days ago, Cristen… have not heard it in years. It struck me that now the message seemed very significant with the recent revelation that factions were… not necessary.

    • As your previous comment noted, you’ve been burned and hurt by being emotionally honest. The reason for this was perhaps 1) your subjective emotional truth did not jibe with that of the other people in those scenarios, or as you say here, 2) your subjective emotional truth blinded you to objective truth.
      Have we not all been there?

      • @larry MyTRUTH, the one that I created for myself, misled me into thinking there was a purpose to all of this other than manipulation and deceit. Now, I have no clue what the true truth… “objective truth,” is your turn of phrase… might be. I started to reevaluate all when I started seeing drastic changes in my friends. But, what I saw also made me realize that I had denied urges/desires/feelings in myself… things I wanted to express… stands I wanted to make. Maybe, I am growing personally?

        • My own dramatic emotional growth this year definitely speaks to your point, @russell. Letting go perceived truths we’ve created without evidence and being present for what’s very real is all we could hope to learn.

        • @wanda102 Well said. @russell I believe we don’t change so much as awaken. Sounds like you are in your own way. When confronted with a world in which objective truth is actively buried, we must turn inward to find the truth of who we are and who we can become. Sorry to harp on the Westworld analogy, but that entire world was a fiction in which a precious few guests walk away with greater awareness of themselves. You’re merely on a journey to find the center of your own maze, as are we all. I have no doubt we’ll be entering a construct this weekend and asked “Why are you here?” I know what answer I’ll give.

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